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Quote1.png I'm sorry Greer. I know this is difficult for you... But Marc Spector is too dangerous to be left unwatched. Quote2.png
Black Panther (T'Challa)

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Synopsis for "Headhunters"

Earlier: At the Bar with No Name, the patrons are having a nice time until Moon Knight nonchalantly walks in. Acknowledging he knew about the Bar, he clarifies he is neither Spider-Man nor Punisher, two different extremes on the costumed vigilante spectrum. He is Moon Knight, thus nobody knows exactly what he's capable of, himself included. Reminding everyone that he actually defeated the Avengers on solo[1] not too long ago, he tells them one word before his departure: Zodiac.

Now: In session with Dr. Andrea Sterman, knowing of the Zodiac Cartel but she inquires about the individual. Marc admits that nobody knows of him, especially those still talking to him since his excommunication from the Avengers; Ben Grimm among them, as they're both Jewish superheroes. Marc notes that Zodiac isn't new to the supervillain scene. Whenever someone puts on a mask, whether as hero or villain, new persons take time to find footing, but Zodiac moved with experience. Recalling Hawley and Clarke, even manipulations on Soldier, Zodiac's actions and the results weren't failures to him, but likely tests for an unknown purpose as Zodiac was pleased with his consecutive wins.

Earlier: When 8-Ball tried calling someone in a panic, he was startled by the appearance of Reese and Tigra. With his haste exiting the Bar With No Name, they deduced he knew something pertaining to Zodiac. So Marc reveals himself to begin intimidation, but Reese notes an unfamiliar marking on the alleyway wall. However, Marc tables the clue being uncertain of its meaning in the moment to then dangle 8-Ball over an industrial car shredder, the criminal confesses that Manslaughter Marsdale once mentioned working with Zodiac on a past job. Removed from his dangling, 8-Ball flees in terror from Moon Knight clutching a crescent dart with talk of him not being innocent. Moon Knight reassures Soldier and clarifies that if he was going to kill 8-Ball, he would done so feet first in the shredder.

Confronting Marsdale, unfeeling to pain, Moon Knight's threats do nothing as Marsdale confesses to owing Zodiac his life. Taking one concussion blow after another, Marsdale accepts whatever Moon Knight may do, as he is no snitch. Believing him, Moon Knight takes his leave as Marsdale unknowingly gave him a lead with mention of "the Clown". Moon Knight is joined by Tigra in breaching the Clown's apartment, but the pair instead find him murdered, decapitated by Zodiac who left an "apology" in blood.

Later: At her apartment, Greer is calling to inquire about Zodiac after his attack on the Midnight Mission. When asked what Zodiac wants with Marc, she retorts that such an inquiry is precisely why she is calling, as she is still assigned to observe Marc. With Marsdale willing to die before talking and their only lead ending with Clown's death, who's head Zodiac took, Tigra starts to voice reticence in monitoring Marc. However, given their friendship and his unpredictability, she relents and swears to resume her observation. Black Panther acknowledges her reservations, but he reminds her that Marc is too dangerous to be left unwatched.

Epilogue: Amanda returns to her apartment only to be horrified finding Zodiac with Clown's severed head, mockingly commenting on how he's "worried" for Marc. Jokingly, Zodiac calls his recent attempts attacking him as some sort of intervention, and wants to talk with her about getting Marc "back on the right track."

Solicit Synopsis

How do you fight someone that no one knows? Moon Knight is out for blood and hits the streets armed only with a name, but he soon finds out that in the twilight half-world of NYC super villainy, sometimes the streets hit back. And while he's fighting his way through the super-crime underworld, he'd better watch his back...

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