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Quote1.png There it is. Reese, Soldier... Welcome to the team the House of Shadows. Or rather... The Midnight Mission. We're back in business. So let's get to work. Quote2.png
Mr. Knight

Appearing in "Stranger"

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  • House of Shadows (First appearance as Midnight Mission) (Main story and flashback) (Replaces Midnight Mission building)

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Synopsis for "Stranger"

Jumping from a window, Moon Knight painfully lands in an empty dumpster, swearing to return with a way to kill an unknown enemy. Having taken a request to find missing persons and grievously injure the guilty party, Moon Knight welcomed the return to his norm after exhausting all leads to find Zodiac after escaping prison. After Moon Knight deduced that each victim went missing from the sixth floor of a five floor building, the sixth floor itself became a labyrinth. Contained with room, water and air, but having no food, he was exhausted from endless corridors, and realized it was a living environment. Wanting something from him as all living things want for something, he realized after four days it wanted him mentally and physically fatigued to reach into his mind, a painful mistake by the mystical unknown vomiting him out like food poisoning.

In his therapy session, he recounts his escape to Dr. Andrea Sterman, and Andrea admits to thinking something was wrong while he was missing. Apologizing, she tells him that she didn't report the missing sessions to the Avengers, a surprise to him considering Black Panther came by the mission asking Reese about his absence, and her fangirling over meeting a "real" superhero, thus Marc assumed Andrea told him. Noting that the Avengers are more aware of his movements, Andrea asks Marc if he genuinely trusts Reese, or Tigra, or even Soldier considering he's ex-Hydra, taking into account Zodiac's betrayal of his trust. Marc is steadfast in his trust, as like him, each did bad things or had bad things done onto them or both. Such origins were the motivator for opening the Midnight Mission: to protect people and protect them from what they might become.

Andrea asks if he can continue with his mission gone, his activities attracting more violence in the neighborhood he protects. All this and more, Andrea asks Marc if being a superhero is something he should really be doing. Later at the Sanctum Sanctorum, Moon Knight seeks Wong for a favor from him after his involvement in Las Vegas with the Midnight Sons. But as Marc stole Doctor Strange's powers for a moment, Marc instead offers to owe Wong a favor. An exasperated Wong inquires about Moon Knight's visit, answering he's seeking insight on Esoteric Real Estate. He equips himself on another night to keep his promise to kill the magical threat, now knowing it better. Joined by Reese, joking she'll get a new job if he dies, as she asks how he's paying her after Clarke's scheme,[1] but he assures it's under control and that he always comes back.

On the sixth floor again, Moon Knight acknowledges to the sentient living space that it doesn't like him after touching his mind. But it must follow its nature, not liking to let people out BUT unable to refuse letting people in, identified as The House of Shadows, banished repeatedly by Doctor Strange. As Moon Knight cannot banish it, he instead brought enough thermobaric explosives to level it and the building attached. However, he is now understanding the House as they both keep coming back whether or not they consent. As a house, it must be lived in even if it's wrong and unwelcome, and Moon knight knows what it's like being hated and unwanted. Extending his hand with an offer to release the missing persons and join him, the House needing a purpose, he offers the same thing that keeps him going: a mission.

At dawn, Moon Knight brings Reese and Soldier, awaiting a surprise at their ruined apartment building. Reese impatiently asks what they're awaiting, Soldier just replies that he was told to wait so he will. Sunrise comes and a fog along the street startles Reese and Soldier as Moon Knight notes the arrival of the surprise he wanted to show them. Moon Knight asks the two to welcome their new member in the House of Shadows, now acting as the new headquarters of the Midnight Mission, repairing the destroyed building as well. Now with a space to work, the trio enter their new headquarters and get back to work. However, they are unaware of being stalked by Ravencroft escapee and infamous Hydra mass murderer, Rutherford Winner. Making his way to the Midnight Mission, Rutherford holds a dead-eyed gaze set straight with a pistol drawn ready.

Solicit Synopsis

Mazes have one of two purposes: to keep people out or to keep people in. An unnatural labyrinth has swallowed up people under Moon Knight's protection — but how do you fight a maze? How do you kill a labyrinth? And will Moon Knight emerge victorious, or will his body and mind be broken by the Fifth Floor?

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