Moon Rocket

Moon Rocket from Extraordinary X-Men Annual Vol 1 1 001
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Moon Rocket
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U.S.S. Girl Power
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Interstellar Flight
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First spacecraft built by Moon Girl to explore the ruins of Attilan in the Blue Area of the Moon.
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While frustrated over being forced to attend Ms. Dominguez's fourth grade science class, Moon Girl decided she could literally build a rocket to the Moon.[1]

To this end she began to scavenge parts and assemble an interstellar craft in an empty lot on Yancy Street in order to conduct a voyage to the ruins of Attilan in the Blue Area of the Moon.

When Forge discovered her research into Terrigen Mist, he came to the Lower East Side to attempt to persuade her to allow him to assist her by supplying a modified X-Men Blackbird.

She refused, insisting to do things her way, when suddenly Manhattan was beset upon by the Terrigen Cloud, whose exposure threatened to induce M-Pox in the mutant. When her Fan-Cannon proved ineffective, Lunella rushed Forge into the unfinished Moon Rocket, which blasted off only to splashdown soon after into the East River, with Moon Girl having sacrificed her dream for the life of a friend.[2]

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