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Moon Shade was an evil doppelgänger of Moon Knight, created by Magus, an evil future counterpart of Adam Warlock, during the Infinity War. He and other doppelgangers were sent to Four Freedoms Plaza to attack the assembled heroes.[1]

Moonshade teamed up with a doppelganger of Franklin Richards and the pair slipped away and attempted to absorb the full life essence and powers of Franklin. They were pursued by Moon Knight who was able to stop them from absorbing all of Franklin's powers. However, Moon Shade took what power they had absorbed, used some to kill the Franklin doppelganger and began to absorb all Moon-Knights from across reality.[2]

Moon Knight's interference allowed several of the hardiest alternate's to survive and so Moon Shade set about traveling to each dimension and absorb his alternates and forced Moon Knight to follow in tow. The first reality visited was Earth-9209 and home to Dark Moon, after a short battle and the destruction of the absorption tech, Moon Shade grew powerful enough to be able to absorb Moon-Knight's without it and absorbed Dark Moon. The pair next traveled to Earth-92942 where they encountered the vampiric Moon Fang who was also absorbed. Several more realities were visited before arriving on Earth-42992 where Moon Shade proclaimed this was the second to last Moon Knight. During the ensuing fight between Moon Shade, Moon Knight and Moon Man Moon Knight used a conductive charge with his adamantium bo-stick in order to destroy Moon Shade.[3]

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