Moonface was a Nazi spy who was active during World War II. He earned his nickname due to his abnormally chubby and round face. In the summer of 1943, he and a group of Nazi spies were located in Washington, D.C. in order to plant bombs in the sewers beneath important government and military installations in order to eliminate as many government and military officials as possible. The explosives were to be set off by a central control panel or by causing a short circuit in the Washington power grid.

This plot was underway on the same day the Human Torch and Toro were to be given a citation from the President. Moonface saw the Torch as the only man who could hinder his plot and ordered one of his men to eliminate the hero.

When this failed, Moonface prepared a trap for the Torch at his hideout. The heroes fell through a trap door that led to a cylinder of compressed air where Moonface hoped to crush the heroes with pressure while he set off his explosives. The Torch risked causing the cylinder to explode by activating his flame to melt through the glass. It caused a lesser explosion that freed the two heroes and stunned the Nazis. As the Torch and Toro rounded up his men, Moonface rushed to his control panel to find it smashed in the blast. Attempting to cause a short circuit by connecting two live wires, Moonface was confronted by the Torch. Deciding his mission was a failure, Moonface touched the live wires and electrocuted himself instead, preferring death over capture.[1]

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