The Moonmen, or Moon People, are one of two alien races that live on Earth's Moon that are unique to Earth-5106 a reality where the Moon is able to sustain life. They are humanoid in nature and have limited hypnotic abilities. By the year 2000 they are members of the Galaxy organization. They were ruled by Unal, whose niece and nephew Drago and Ura who despised the Earth's dominance over the rest of the Galaxy. During the annual interplanetary Olympics the pair attempted to use their hypnotic abilities to force Space Squadron commander Jet Dixon to lose the rocket ship race in order to discredit the Earth and, hopefully, sow the seeds of dissent from other worlds. This plot was thwarted by Dixon's teammate the Saturnian genius LLA 38[1].

Powers and Abilities


The Moonmen have hypnotic abilities that allow them to assert their will onto others.


If two Moon People use their hypnotic powers on the same individual, it cancels out the effects of both attempts at hypnosis, although the freed victim experiences great pain in the process.


Gravity: Moon-standard
Atmosphere: Apparently Earth-Standard


Type of Government: Monarchy
Level of Technology: Advanced, the Moonmen have interplanetary rocket technology among other advances in science.
Cultural Traits: In Mooman society the use of their hypnotic powers on others have been outlawed.
Representatives: Unal (ruler), Drago, Ura

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