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Moonraker mysteriously appeared as a member of Force Works. Everyone acted as if he had been a member for some time. (It was later revealed he had altered recent events to make it appear so.) He became romantically involved with Spider-Woman (Julia Carpenter). Julia's daughter Rachel was unaffected by his time-slip, though, and had no idea who Moonraker was, despite everyone else remembering him as a member of Force Works for the last six months.[1]

Moonraker led the team into an altered version of Vietnam where the Anachronauts attempted to kill them all. As the machinations of Kang (really Immortus) were revealed, Moonraker claimed that he was Libra (Gustav Brandt). Shortly after this he was abducted by Kang's forces.[2]

The real Brandt later denied he was Moonraker when confronted by the Avengers.[3] A Space Phantom later reported that "Moonraker" was one of his kind, acting a part in Immortus' scheme to confuse the Avengers.[4]



  • Corposant Fire
  • Time Alteration


Skilled in hand to hand combat.

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