Quote1.png May the Many Moons of Munnopor banish these phantom blade-wielders to the eternal void from whence they came! Quote2.png
Doctor Strange[src]

The Moons of Munnopor was a spell that calls upon the power of the principality known as Munnopor,[1] by invoking the Twelve Moons of Munnopor,[6][3] the realm of that principality.[10]

The spell summons the Moons of Munnopor, which are usually used to focus or to enforce a spell of various effects. those spells

It is used to banish opponents.[6][3]


Doctor Strange called upon the Moons of Munnopor and the Vishanti to banish the arcane mists in the House of Shadows.[6]

While in the Dream Dimension, Doctor Strange used the Moons of Munnopor to banish the Viking warriors summoned by Yandroth.[3]

Doctor Strange later called upon the Mystic Moons of Munnopor to repel the demon N'Gabthoth.[4]

Alternate versions


The Moons of Munnopor were seemingly all destroyed, save for one, as the invocation sentence of the spell summoned by Doctor Doom was now "By the Last Moon of Munnopor".[8]

Warp World

The Soldier Supreme combined the Hexogram of Hoggoth with the forbidden Runes of Munnopor to eternally banish Baroness Umar.[9]

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