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Moonstar Cadre was a division of the mutant army led by General Magneto in defence of Fortress X. Led by Moonstar, they were ordered by Magneto to track down the fugitive Legacy. The team found her, but were thwarted in their attempts at capturing her by Gambit, who rescued her and fled. The two were seemingly killed by Magneto, who dropped an enormous amount of debris, crushing them.

Moonstar Cadre's mission was seemingly completed, but X suggested to Moonstar that their mission had been a sham since the start, and that Magneto himself was guilty of the conspiracy Legacy had been accused of. When Magneto broke into Fortress X's dungeon to liberate Katherine Pryde and Charles Xavier, Moonstar Cadre tracked him down and demanded answers. Magneto confirmed that there was a conspiracy going on to bring about the fall of Fortress X, but that he was not it's ringleader, but looking for answers and a way to cease the endless struggle of their lives. Just as he managed to convince Moonstar Cadre of his intentions, the Force Warriors interrupted, and knocked Magneto unconscious, declaring Fortress X under their jurisdiction.

Before the two teams could break out in a fight, Xavier diffused the situation by telling them and the rest of the mutant resistance the truth about Fortress X and their lives; that they were just created by a rogue personality from Legion's mind and that Fortress X had in fact only existed for a week, not 1000 days. Angered that they had listened to Xavier, Moira created a gigantic assault by the human forces. Moonstar Cadre and the rest of the mutants rushed to the defence of the Fortress. Meanwhile, Legion re-absorbed his rogue persona, and restored the universe to its original shape.



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