Moosejaw was the home and base of operations for Roger Bochs (Box).[1] It was there that he met Madison Jeffries for the first time[2] and they created the Box Armor Model 2.[3]

During a period when Canada was experiencing a number of bizarre and unnatural occurrences (part of a plot by Llan), Moosejaw experienced a "rain of salmon" from the sky. The fish landed in a pattern to spell out "Alpha Flight," thus leading the team to be suspected of having played a part.[4]

Following the passing of the Super-Powers Registration Act, superhuman Cleft grew frustrated and took out his anger while drinking at the Eden Bar 'n' Grill. His former association, Puck, now a member of Alpha Flight travelled to Moosejaw to assist in Cleft's arrest as the local police force was overwhelmed. He was accompanied by teammates Northstar and Wildheart. After initially subduing Cleft, the heroes were confronted by the two remaining members of Puck's former group, the Outcasts: Depth Charge and Flagstone. The two groups engaged in battle but Puck ultimately prevailed and the Outcasts were arrested.[5]


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