Morag was once inhabited by a thriving and technologically advanced humanoid population. Before its destruction, the citizens of Morag constructed a large temple structure to house and protect the Orb, an Infinity Stone.[1]

Morag (Planet) 04

The ruins of Morag

Due to unknown climate-altering factors, Morag became submerged by oceans and uninhabitable. The planet is now abandoned, and the oceans only briefly recede to expose landmasses once every 300 years. During the most recent oceanic recession, Star-Lord seized the opportunity to stealing the the Orb from the Temple of Morag for the Broker before Korath and his Sakaaran soldiers or Yondu and his Ravagers could.[1]

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  • While exploring the temple ruins, Star-Lord encountered a humanoid skeleton with an equestrian-like skull. Many fans have theorized this skeletal possibly remains of either a Kymellian or Korinite. Interestingly, both the Kymellians' homeworld of Kymellia and the Korbinites' homeworld of Korbin were also rendered uninhabitable within mainstream universe canon.


  • Morag was one of the first leaders of the Kree in recorded history.[2] Later, Morag was also the name of a spaceship helmed by the Kree general Captain Mar-Vell.[3] Any connection between the planet Morag and the Kree people is currently unknown.

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