Morass is an unnamed female soldier who is a Glob/human experiment. The soldier was given the abilities of the original Glob, and she appeared to look like a more slender, female version of the original.

Morass was arrested due to unknown reasons. Morass was sentenced to death, leaving her with nothing to lose by being altered by the Origins Corporation gene therapy program.[1]

She was killed on Gamma Corps: Black's first mission by Lyra, who they had been sent to kill and obtain Boudicca. When Lyra split her body with a punch, she tried to reconstruct herself from the the earth around her, which at the time was an alkali salt flat. This instantly dried her out and Lyra destroyed her body killing her. [2]


  • Morass has the ability to shift her body to encompass others. Her powers were derived from Glob. She also had the ability to reconstruct her body from the earth that she came into contact with.

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