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Quote1.png I am a man of science. My life dedicated to preserving life! Yet around me is the stench of death so strong I can never be rid of it. Quote2.png
-- Morbius

Appearing in "The Bait"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


Other Characters:

  • Anne Toussant
  • Mandy (Works at St. Judes)




Synopsis for "The Bait"

Jack Russell has come looking for Morbius to help him learn to co-exist with his condition. But Switchblade has come looking for him. Upon killing Michael Morbius the human, the Lilin presence in his blood takes over, and tries to kill Switchblade. Using the powers of Modred, Switchblade kills both Morbius and Jack Russell. Now only Ghost Rider, Drake, Sam, and Louise stand between Switchblade, and him getting his hands on the Darkhold.

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