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-- Morbius

Appearing in "Dance of the Hunters (Part I of III) - Stalkers"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


Other Characters:

  • Blevins
  • Officer Duffy
  • Randolph Simpson




Synopsis for "Dance of the Hunters (Part I of III) - Stalkers"

Morbius terrorizes a wanted murderer and plans on drinking his blood. The killer begs for mercy, so Morbius leaves him in the care of the police. As he leaves the scene, he hears a gunshot coming from an alleyway and goes to investigate. He finds a CIA agent named Davis lying on the ground dead. Unable to hold back his thirst any longer, he begins drinking the dead man's blood. Two more CIA agents, Barrett and China, arrive in the alley. They know all about Michael Morbius and try to enlist his aid in capturing a man named Randolph Simpson. Simpson is a former CIA agent wanted for assassinating currently active agents. Due to his history with Simon Stroud, Morbius does not trust these men and refuses to work with them.

Elsewhere, Vic Slaughter is likewise looking for a man named Randolph Simpson. He tortures a young woman, drains her dry, then leaves a message for Morbius scrawled on the wall with the woman's blood.

At St. Jude's, Martine Bancroft visits the bed of Mandy Tyler. Mandy awakens and begins to scream, but Martine warns her to stay away from Michael Morbius or else.

Morbius has a change of heart and decides to investigate the Simpson case. He pays a visit to a police officer named Duffy and tries to get some information from him.

The following morning, Agent Barrett and Agent China visit Michael Morbius' penthouse apartment. Martine attacks them, but they are able to take her down with an anesthetic. They decide to use her as a bargaining tool to force Michael's cooperation.

At the Lauderback Mental Institute, Simon Stroud attacks the orderlies with a broken chair leg and grabs their key ring. He then disguises himself in their clothing and makes his escape.

Morbius eventually returns home to find the CIA agents waiting for him. As planned, they threaten to harm Martine Bancroft unless Morbius helps them with the Simpson case.

That evening, Morbius scours the city looking for leads to the killer. His search brings him into conflict with his nemesis Vic Slaughter. Morbius breaks Slaughter's neck, but the vampire merely snaps it back into place. As the two continue fighting, Spider-Man shows up and interrupts the fight. He considers Morbius the more dangerous threat and yanks him off of Slaughter. He then sprays him down with heavy doses of webbing.


  • Includes a Marvel Masterprints trading card sample stitched into the centerfold.

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