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Mordecai Midas was born in Athens, Greece, as a very poor child. He became obsessed with becoming the richest man in the world, involving himself in shady businesses. He tried to gain control of Stark Industries at one point, using Tony Stark's cousin Morgan Stark and Madame Masque as his agents.[1] An attack resulted in Tony Stark being replaced by a Life-Model Decoy and being branded an impostor.[2] Midas then tried using the real Tony Stark (believing him to be an impostor as well) to take over Stark Industries again. Midas was defeated after Madame Masque turned on him and freed Tony Stark from Midas' imprisonment.[3]


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  • Exoskeleton: Midas' exoskeleton allowed him to stand up and move; without it, Midas was so grotesquely massive that he could not walk. The exoskeleton also gave Midas super-human strength.


  • Midas' throne had several weapons hidden into it, including heat-seeking anti-personnel missiles.
  • Gold Transmutation: Developed by Abraham Klein, it allowed Midas to turn people he touched with his hands into gold; this development was far from perfect: Iron Man sealed his armor to avoid suffering ill effects, and Jack of Hearts' exotic powers allowed him to revert the effect.


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