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Quote1 It's Morgana le Fay. Dark sorceress from another time. Quote2
Ares, The God of War[src]


Early Years[]

Allegedly, islands remained of Atlantis after it sank. On the largest of those islands, Avalon, Igraine was a sea-princess. Igraine had a daughter named Morgan with a man from the sacred clan.[4] As the custom went, Morgan was taken to be trained at the House of Virgins to serve as Avalon's sea-princess, the great sun temple of the Crystal City of the volcanic island of Ruta. The women were given in marriage to men of the sacred clan for magical purposes, forbidding Morgan the love she sought.[4] A young priest, Myraddin was warned of the upcoming and long foretold catastrophe that was going to occur. The ancient priest of the sun entrusted Myraddin with his secret scrolls, and with his daughter Igraine. Myraddin and Igraine rushed to the House of Virgins where they took Morgan, and flew on a merchant ship from Tingail, while the remaining islands of Atlantis were drowned by great tidal waves caused by the burst of the volcano.[4]

They ended up on the Isle of Britain, where Myraddin changed his name to Merlin and established his druid worship in Stonehenge. He arranged for Igraine to marry Gorlois, Duke of the Tintagel, who adopted Morgan. Gorlois was killed by Uther Pendragon, who took Igraine for queen. She birthed a son, Arthur.[4] Growing into a fine young woman, Morgan followed Merlin to Aran Island to become his apprentice, in exchange to also becoming his lover, but failed to her pledge.[4]

6th century[]

Protesting the conversion of Britain to Christianity, Morgan opposed her half-brother, the now King Arthur of Camelot. Le Fay joined forces with her nephew Mordred and Arthur's bastard son to overthrow Camelot. After learning of the conspiracy, Merlin chose Sir Percy of Scandia as his secret weapon against the conspiracy, becoming the Black Knight. He was sent to save Arthur from Le Fay and Mordred's assassins. Out of gratitude, Arthur formally knighted the Black Knight and agreed to never ask him to reveal his true identity, much to Le Fay and Mordred's chagrin. However, since the Black Knights were unable to provide any evidence of Le Fay and Mordred's attempted regicide, Arthur would never know that Mordred and Le Fay had arranged the attempts on his life until it was too late. Shortly after the appearance of the Black Knight, Mordred again attempted to take the throne by kidnapping King Arthur at night and secretly imprisoning him in a dungeon in the castle. Arthur was once again freed by the Black Knight.[5] Shortly thereafter, after Mordred defeated all the other knights, Arthur was challenged to joust against Mordred. Mordred secretly hoped to poison Arthur with a spear, but the Black Knight accepted the challenge and easily defeated Mordred. Mordred and Le Fay tried to help the Norman conquerors when the king went out to pay tribute to his followers in the outer barony Sir Robert de Quincey, But the Black Knight was able to stop the invasion.[6] On his next birthday, Arthur goes lion hunting, unaware that Le Fay and Mordred secretly paid a group of gypsies to release more lions than he alone can handle. The assassination attempt was once again thwarted by the Black Knight. Arthur later rejected Sir D'Arcy of France's application to join the Knights of the Round Table, as well as his application to marry Arthur's ward Lady Rosamund.[7] Le Fay's battles with Arthur and the Black Knight inspired Kang the Conqueror to travel back in time to take over Camelot.[8]


Le Fay and her cult of Darkholders conjured up Chthon himself, expecting to use him as their minion, only to find him too powerful. Morgan and her cult attempted to banish him but only succeeded in binding his spirit to Wundagore Mountain. Le Fay's repentant follower Magnus stole the Darkhold and placed it in an enchanted tower which only good and noble people could enter.[9][10][11][9]

Fall of Camelot[]

Le Fay met Doctor Doom and Iron Man who both were sent back in time thanks to the Time Platform. Doom escaped King Arthur and his Knights to Castle Le Fay and found Le Fay to aid him. Le Fay used her magic to resurrect an army of the undead made up of all those slain by Excalibur. The two armies clashed but the Knights of Camelot were outnumbered. Iron Man decided to confront Le Fay himself and forced her to reverse the spell causing the zombie army to collapse. Doctor Doom escaped and Iron Man followed him back to the future.[12]

Across Time[]

Merlin thwarted numerous attempts to bring ruin to Camelot, and eventually imprisoned her within Castle Le Fey. Morgan kept projecting her astral form into various periods of the future, seeking a means to escape her physical prison.[4]

20th century[]

In 1938, Wolverine fell in love with aspiring actress Celia Stroud; the two moved to Hollywood, California but broke up after six months. While working on a film set, he was abducted by Morgan Le Fay using Celia's body as part of a plot to trade immortality for the mutant, but her spells were not strong enough to control Logan's troubled mind and he escaped.[13]

Modern Age[]


Le Fay projected her spirit through time to her fake Excalibur, taking over the mind of the criminal Jason "Slapper" Struthers when he took the sword. Now under her control attacked the streets of London. Le Fay sent Struthers to attack her former apprentice Magnus to try and find the Darkhold. Spider-Woman (Jessica Drew) came to his rescue and was able to knock the sword from Struthers hand freeing him from Le Fay's control.[14] She later returned when Drew was trying to escape the Hangman and transported her mind through time tormenting her with illusions. While distracted Le Fay was able to capture Magnus. She then sent the Doom-Slayers to attack Drew.[15] The Doom-Slayers were immune to Spider-Woman's attacks and threatened to destroy her, so Magnus agreed to reveal the location of the Darkhold and they send Spider-Woman to retrieve it. Magnus sent her to meet with the Werewolf by Night, as he recently took control of the Darkhold. Magnus then sent a telepathic summons to S.H.I.E.L.D. agent Jerry Hunter, to help Drew. Spider-Woman successfully subdued the Werewolf and returned to Le Fay, but when she realizes that the memories of the Darkhold only existed in his subconscious and is willing to turn his mind to find it. Magnus released his astral form to stop them, as he held his own, Le Fay shot him in the body as if to destroy it. Le Fay's spirit easily withstood Spider-Woman's attack, and she opened a portal to Camelot, ostensibly to reunite with her body. Le Fay attacked Jerry as Drew continued to repel her attacks. An enraged Drew fired venom blasts seemingly dissolving Le Fay's body as well. Le Fay's spirit disappeared revealing Magnus had used his magic to make it seem like they were hurt.[16]

Le Fay continued to harass Drew in her astral form. This included during a fight with Angar the Screamer,[17] in a cloud when she was gliding peacefully through the air,[18] and during her dreams threatening her demise is coming.[19] and in the moon telling her to make peace with her god.[20] Le Fay sent her spirit through time taking over a Camelot fair and causing the people of the modern age to reenact events from the time of Camelot. She brainwashed David Ishima into believing he was Sir Lancelot and Lindsay McCabe was Queen Guinevere, and Drew as le Fay herself. David was captured alongside Lindsay, and Spider-Woman struggled to exert her will. Le Fay sent a dragon to attack the people. She killed Lindsay but told Drew she could bring her back if she swore loyalty to her. When Drew refused she revealed that her soul was tainted by the spirit of Chthon. Spider-Woman threw a sword at Morgan's ghostly form, and the steel disrupted her power, banishing back to her body.[20] Morgan's spirit returned and warned Spider-Woman, that she must commit to her our fall under the thrall of Chthon.[21] Le Fay again sent out a series of visions to torture Spider-Woman, hoping to drive her crazy so she could take her soul. Magnus helped Drew free her astral self, travel back in time, and confront Le Fay in her castle. Le Fay tricked Drew into believing that her own friend's soul is attacking her, but when she tried to trick Drew into turning to her dark side, Spider-Woman exceeded her expectations. Le Fay was so terrified by the "Dark Angel" that she jerked her from the room and out the window. As her body left the castle, Merlin's spell takes effect, causing her to die and decay instantly. However, Le Fay retaliated when she cast a spell that prevented Spider-Woman's self-returning into her body.[22]


Le Fay utilised her sorcery to prevent Spider-Woman's spirit from continuing to exist on the Astral Plane while her spirit was still separated from her body. Drew's physical body may subsequently be taken by Le Fay for herself. She reportedly helped Magnus in this endeavour.[23] Le Fay watched from the shadows as Magnus planned with Spider-Woman to return her astral self to her body. Le Fay attacked Magnus from behind as he started the process with the goal of taking Spider-Woman's body for herself.[24] The Avengers and Dr. Strange later travelled to the Astral Plane to fight Le Fay. To combat her adversaries, Le Fay fashioned a massive body from Astral Plane material. To help Dr. Strange enable Spider-Woman's astral form to merge with her physical body, Magnus' spirit sacrificed his existence on the astral dimension. When the Avengers destroyed Le Fay's stone form, she opted to try to steal the She Hulk's body instead after learning she had lost touch with Spider-Woman's due to being side-tracked by the Avengers. That attempt was thwarted by Dr. Strange, who also employed magic to stop her from leaving the astral form. After that, Le Fay vowed to destroy Dr. Strange.[23]

Mordred's Return[]

Le Fay retrieved Mordred from the Outer Dark.[25] Morgan and Mordred planned to return her castle back to the Earthly realm.[26] The new Black Knight possessed by the original spirit was attacked by a creature created by a spell sent by Le Fay and Mordred into Garrett Castle. Even though he killed the assailant, the souls of Le Fay and Mordred appeared to him and cautioned him against entering this dimension[2] The Dreadknight was brought back to life by Le Fay and Mordred inside the Castle Frankenstein in Switzerland, and they to battle the Black Knight. At the Giant's Causeway, the old location of Castle Le Fay, the Dreadknight faced him. The Dreadknight was beaten with the help of Captain Britain. The stones of Castle Le Fay had long since been deconstructed and dispersed, according to Le Fay and Mordred, and Castle Le Fay would soon resurface where its enchanted cornerstone now stood. Furthermore, they disclosed that the castle will spread its dark power throughout the entire planet, transforming it into a "Dark Camelot."[26] Le Fay somehow acquired the Evil Eye of Avalon and utilized it to re-structure Balor, sending him to fight the Black Knight and Dr. Strange. Balor struck down the heroes, Le Fay bound them in the Crimson Bands of Cyttorak and passed on them for Balor to polish off. Wishing to start the last spell to return Castle Le Fay to Earth, Le Fay and Mordred passed on the heroes for Balor to polish off; believing the Eye to be useless as its power had been depleted into Balor, Le Fay absurdly abandoned it too. Liberated from the Crimson Bands by Valkyrie employing the Ebony Blade, the Black Knight then utilized the blade to break the Evil Eye, banishing Balor. Strange then transported the heroes to Lake Havashu, Arizona. There they discovered that in the 1970's London Bridge had been moved there stone by stone, and furthermore concluded that basically the foundation of Castle Le Fay had been incorporated into the bridge during its construction. Le Fay then brought the Fomorians to Earth.[27] They sent the Fomorians to go after the heroes. Le Fay released another spell, restricting the inhabitants of the town into a enchanted Wicker Man, a living jail shaped from their own life powers. With its power, the legends were before long survived, with Strange and the Valkyrie caught inside the Wicker Man, and Le Fay and Mordred manifested on the Earthly realm. Compromising the existences of everybody inside the Wicker Man, Le Fay constrained the Black Knight to swear loyalty to her. Mordred wished to execute the Knight, yet Le Fay denied, rather hoping to use his loyalty to break the spirits of the individuals who might go against them. Taking advantage of Mordred's manly energies, Le Fay started the spell to re-make the planet in the picture of bygone eras. Nonetheless, the Black Knight was compelled by a solemn oath to not remain against Le Fay and Mordred, Dane Whitman was not. Accurately perceiving this, Black Knight surrendered his control on Whitman, permitting him to betray them. Blending his own soul with the Ebony Blade, he expanded its power, empowering it to cause the Wicker Man to disperse, its energies getting back to its previous detainees. The Black Knight then turned the Ebony Blade on Castle Le Fay, upsetting its energies and making it blur back out of presence, and sending Le Fay and Mordred with it. London Bridge was cleansed of the stones initially taken from Castle Le Fay.[25]

Atlantis Rising[]

Le Fay attempted to restore Atlantis to the surface because she thought it was her native home of "Avalon". To accomplish this, she took over an oceanographer; Dr. Vivian Morgan's body.[4] The results of Vivian's tests supported her suspicions, which she and Dr. Wilfred Maxwell, a colleague, had that the Azores island chain was sinking.[28] She was later summoned to a nearby cave and found the Priest of the Moon her are looking for the "Priestess of the sea and the moon" to stop their island from sinking. She was instructed to seek out "the one who exudes magnetism of both the tides and the moon" she promised to find him and sacrifice him for their cause[29] and gave her the Star Sapphire pendant.[30] They were able to locate the damaged body of Triton that was laying in the surf, but Vivian was unable to find the cult's hideout. After returning Triton to the Institute Oceanographica de Ponta Delgada, Vivian lost her cool when Wilfred suggested they inform the local police of their discovery. Triton was emitting a powerful magnetic field, and Vivian noticed that her pendant was reacting to him, so she knew that this was the man the priests had predicted. Vivian suspected Namor had come for Triton when she heard the sounds of Namor and Andromeda fighting a Blood Wraith nearby, so she set out to find a location to hide him. Andromeda found her, but she unintentionally clubbed the Atlantean, allowing her to flee.[31] Vivian set up a series of explosives around a nearby undersea volcano while wearing dive gear. She then went back to her ship, surprising Wilfred by kicking him off as the ship's charges went off. Her hair was now magenta in hue. After she had ensorcelled Triton, she went back to the coast, where she let the Blood Wraith to stab Andromeda with the Ebony Blade by levitating it back into his grasp. However, the spirits of both Namor and Andromeda were able to flee the Blade and resurrect their wounded bodies thanks to the Black Knight's ghost When Vivian had completely changed into a replica of Le Fay, she took off her cloak and disclosed her plan to revive Atlantis.[30]

Namor stole the Ebony Blade and threw it into the ocean after Le Fay dispatched Triton and the Blood Wraith to attack him. He rescued Andromeda and escaped Atlantis. Using Triton to conjure the moon tide and calling to goddesses Le Fay gathered her Darkholder priests while he recovered. She was stopped by Namor, who arrived brandishing the fabled Sword of Kamuu. The Blood Wraith was transformed back into the good Sean Dolan when Namor returned with the Ebony Blade and put it back in its sheath. Namor struggled with Triton, helping him overcome Morgan's influence, but when Sean hurled the Sword of Kamuu in an effort to kill Le Fay, Triton leapt into its path, wishing to save the innocent Vivian Morgan who coexisted with Le Fay. However, when the sword struck Triton, it completed the needed sacrifice, and Le Fay used its power to draw Atlantis to the surface of the ocean. Triton had become imbued with magnetic power during a recent adventure with Namor, and this energy facilitated the terraforming. Triton and Namor battled to free him from Le Fay's hold, but as Sean launched the Sword of Kamuu to kill Le Fay, Triton jumped in its path to protect the defenceless Vivian who coexisted with Le Fay. But when the sword pierced Triton, it made the necessary sacrifice, and Le Fay utilised its might to entice Atlantis to the water's surface. Terraforming was made easier by Triton's magnetic power, which he had acquired on a recent adventure with Namor.[32]

Namor escaped with Sean Dolan and Triton, taking the latter for medical attention, after Le Fay taunted. Nathaniel Richards accidentally triggered a security system in Uatu the Watcher's Citadel at that precise moment, resulting in a black hole-like phenomenon that quickly swallowed the citadel; Nathaniel narrowly managed to teleport to safety in time. However, the neighbouring Attilan started to notice this influence. When the Inhumans asked the Fantastic Four for help, Kristoff Vernard rebuilt the Reducing Ray from memory. As a result, Attilan was shrank and transported away from the moon in time to prevent it from being destroyed. However, Maximus and his army defeated the Fantastic Four and took control of the tiny city. As Atlantis was being raised, Le Fay assembled her Darkholders and took control and with the power of Gaea she enslaved Thor. She formed an alliance with the Inhumans Genetics Council when they arrived and subjugated Namor. Le Fay set a force field around her new "Avalon" while Thor battled Namor.[33] Arcadius of the council questioned Le Fay over legitimate ownership of the island. When the Fantastic Four's Stealth-Hawk arrived, she sent Thor to catch them, however Nathaniel transported Attilan away.[34] Morgan sent Triton to take Attilan from Reed Richards, who was based out of Castle Doom. Thor was able to free himself from Le Fay's control, and then teamed up with the other heroes.[35] Triton gave the shrunken Attilan to Le Fay, who now knew how to regrow the city. The Darkholders found the Ebony Blade for her, and she cast an intense spell to take advantage of its full power. Utilizing this, she caught the heroes, however was then gone after by the Fantastic Force, trailed by the Genetics Council, who perceived that she was unable to be entrusted with Attilan. Psi-Lord liberated Le Fay 's hostages, causing a reaction as the a large number of spirits inside the Ebony Blade were diverted through Le Fay. Nathaniel grew Attilan, which acquired another home on the previous Atlantis. The heroes escaped the growing city, however the almost debilitated Le Fay remained behind.[36]

Queen's Vengeance[]

She briefly altered the world to her own twisted version with the team serving as her Queen's Vengeance.[37]

Vs. Captain Britain[]

Kelsey Leigh and Scarlet Witch follow the villainous Black Knight into the Otherworld and confronted his master, Morgan Le Fay. She has captured Captain Britain and tried to do harm to Britain through him. However, it turns out that Kelsey now held the power of Britain. Captain America arrived to help and gave Kelsey the opportunity to strike at Le Fay and symbolically assume the mantle of Captain Britain.[38] Morgan Le Fay was of of the mystical people around the world that sensed the release of the Hellphyr from the Tome of Zhered-Na.[39]

Queen & Castle Magic Shop[]

When Pug tried to find information on Gargoyle to the Queen & Castle Magic Shop and questioned the owner unaware she was Morgan Le Fay. Later when She-Hulk was effect by a love potion Pug obtained an antidote from the disguised Le Fay.[40] After She-Hulk refused to take the potion, so Pug took it himself. As a result, he unwittingly became a slave to Morgan Le Fay and the spell prevented him from revealing her name.[41]

Ian McNee[]

The Elder God Oshtur asked the would be sorcerer Ian McNee to gather the Cornerstones of Creation one of them being the Ebon Rose. To attain it he would need to kneel on the Earth and humble himself before Morgan Le Fay.[42] Although Merlin tried to stop him he battled the barriers to reach her and kneeled before asking for her helped. Impressed with his skill and humble nature she gave him the location of the Rose.[43]

Doctor Doom[]

Doctor Doom traveled back in time to ask for her help in defeating the Mighty Avengers. During his many visits, they became lovers. She taught him magic but asked for a gift from the future. Doom claimed he couldn't, as it would cause disruption to the timeline. However, Doom did not consider their affair disruptive, as it was contained. Doom asked Morgan to tutor him further in the dark arts, including summoning an army of demons he used successfully to take down the Mighty Avengers.[44]

Doctor Doom visited Hell to bring the imprisoned Morgan Le Fay to his lab in Latveria. He reminded her of a former pact between the two in which Morgan failed to uphold her end of the bargain. Having recovered a shard of metal that was once part of the fabled Excalibur, he forced her to conduct a ritual that only one with Pendragon blood in their veins can perform. She casted the spell over the shard of metal and it bonded with Doom's battlesuit, transforming it into a Enchanted Armor. Doom then returned Morgan to her native home where she is trapped inside of a dungeon in a castle.[45]

Dark Avengers (Earth-616) vs

Morgana forcing the Dark Avengers into retreat

Morgan traveled into the future with an army of demons to avenge Doom's betrayal.[46] At first, she attempted to kill Doom when he was a child, but then decided to go ahead several decades, so that Doom would fully know why she was going to kill him, and engaged Doom in Latveria. When the Dark Avengers arrived to rescue Doom, the Sentry tore off her head. She subsequently violently reappeared in his place and took control over the new Spider-Man (Mac Gargan), who attacked Ares.[3] She was killed again by the new Hawkeye (Bullseye), but she reappeared again. Morgan turned Ares into stone, while Doom and Iron Patriot traveled back in time to kill her in her own time.[47] There, Doom chanted a spell of a language that even she possessed no knowledge of to forcibly send the sorceress into her own enchanted cauldron, despite her screams and pleas. Though Morgan lived, she was sent to 1,000,000 BC where she ran from a tribe of cavemen fighting a T-Rex. Doom magically restored Latveria, and the revived Dark Avengers headed back to America.[48]

1,000,000 B.C.[]

The Mutant Tempus time travelled back 1,000,000 B.C. where she was saved by a herd of Dinosaurs by Morgana Le Fey. At her castle she revealed she was trapped in the past and used her magic to explain what was happening. Le Fay explained that the version of 2099 she just came from most likely did not exist any longer but Tempus refused to believe her. A fight ensues and Eva managed to travel back to her future.[49]

Morgan Le Fay (Earth-616) from Avengers World Vol 1 12 001

Morgan, Queen of the World

Avengers World[]

After having been freed by her daughter Caroline Le Fay from her own magic cauldron that Doom trapped her in,[50] Morgan Le Fay took over a City of the Dead underneath Velletri, Italy, a mystical necropolis of which there are many below European cities.[51] From here she launched a massive attack with armies of the dead all over Europe.[52]

The Avengers and the Euroforce joined forces to take her down, but they were easily overpowered by the hordes of the dead.[53] Sebastian Druid tried to aid the heroes, but he was killed by Le Fay shortly after arriving at the city.[54] However, killing Druid worked out against Morgan's plans. He became a ghost of the city which, being one of them, allowed his magic to work, pulling back the armies back to their respective necropolises, severely weakening Le Fay. The Avengers and the Euroforce proceeded to beat her up, forcing her to retreat.[55]


When Flowers of Krakoa grew on Otherworld to form a Gateway to Krakoa, it infected Camelot, causing its queen, Morgan Le Fay to find a way to destroy it, as there have been already enough damage from the attacks of the White Witch. In order to achieve this, she needed to terminate the "Witchbreed", who were responsible for this. After Brian Braddock and his twin sister, Betsy Braddock came to fix the Gateway, Le Fay apprehended them and took control of Brian, causing him to turn on his sister. However, he managed to give to Betsy his amulet, which allowed her to escape. Morgan then allied with the Coven Akkaba in order to deal with the Witchbreed.[56] During her attack, Apocalypse challenged Morgan in a battle between their knights, Betsy and Brian Braddock for the throne of Avalon. Betsy involuntarily defeated her brother, which allowed Apocalypse to name Jamie Braddock the new king of Avalon and imprisoned Le Fay. Afterwards, Apocalypse began studying her body in order to proceed with a ritual.[57] She was eventually freed from her confinement by her Coven using a magic ritual involving Pete Wisdom's blood, and she escaped through the gate to Braddock Lighthouse.[58]

Mother Morgan Comes to Me[]

Morgan resurfaced in the present with her powers greatly diminished, now living in Queens, at a time when Doom had been blamed for the destruction of a CO2 waste conversion station, the Antlion Project, on the dark side of the Moon. Doom told her about glimpses of a future he was recurrently seeing, so Morgan decided to take him to meet the Witness. The meeting was cut short when Taskmaster sniped Victor in the head, instantly killing him in front of her.[59]

The Mutant team the X-Cellent broke into the Sanctum Sanctorum looking for help from Doctor Strange. He was however busy fighting Morgan Le Fay who at the time was serving the Nameless One.[60]


Power Grid[71]
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  • Sorcery: Morgana possesses a gifted intellect, and as a former pupil of Merlin, she knows a great deal of magical lore, considered one of the greatest sorceresses in Earth's history. To prove this, the Eye of Agamotto appeared to Morgan as it considered her as a possible replacement for Doctor Strange as Sorcerer Supreme.[61] She is also a sea-priestess,[4] and a high priestess of the Earth goddess (Gaea), invoking her Celtic name, Danu.[citation needed]
  • Spell Casting: Morgana is a very powerful sorceress capable of casting prodigious spells. Morgana once cast a spell that resurrected the entire sunken continent of Atlantis, killing the vast majority of its water-breathing inhabitants in the process.[4][33] Morgana can cast location spells. She once cast a spell to locate Doom to see where he was hidden through time and space. She used this same spell to watch him in the modern day from her location in medieval times.[46] Morgana can cast spells to control her enemies. She cast a spell to enslave Thor into doing whatever she asked.[33] And she also cast a spell to take control of Spider-Man's symbiote form to attack his teammates.[3] Again proving her power, Morgana cast a spell to trap the Elder god Chthon within Mount Wundagore, where he remained for centuries until he was able to use the Scarlet Witch in the modern day to escape.[9] Morgan has used the Crimson Bands of Cyttorak to bind Doctor Strange and Balor, proving her capabilities of manipulating extra-dimensional mystical energies from the Octessence if needed.[citation needed]
  • Reality Warping: Morgana once cast a very powerful spell to warp all of reality in her image by harnessing the Norn Stones. She was able to do this because of her own link to the Asgardians since she is half-Faerie, the same race as the Dark Elves. She also used the Twilight Sword in this effort. However, she required the Scarlet Witch to bridge the gap between her own magic and the sword itself.[62] Morgana once again cast a spell to warp all of reality around the globe by just using the masculine energies of Mordred.
  • Time Travel: Morgana was very skilled in magical time travel. It was one of her most frequently used magics. She once traveled back in time to kill Doom as a child but didn't, having decided that she wanted him to know why she was going to kill him instead.[3] Morgana used time travel to transport her entire army of monsters from medieval times to the modern day.[47] Morgan's skill at time travel is sufficient for her to remain ongoing enemies with opponents centuries apart. She can manipulate the rules of time travel to repeatedly undo her own death and return unaffected to the same battle.[63]
  • Necromancy: Morgana was very powerful in necromancy, so much so that Doom actually traveled back in time in order to learn from her how to create an army of monsters, something she frequently did.[64] Morgana also cast a spell to reanimate every person killed by the sword Excalibur by using a shard of the sword itself in an effort to create an army of the dead.[12] Morgana also used necromancy to unleash a global-sized army of the dead all over Europe by utilizing the hidden cities of the dead.[52] Morgana once used necromancy to create an entire army of monsters that she unleashed upon the Dark Avengers. She also transported this army through time and space from medieval times to the modern day to fight her enemies.[47]
  • Resurrection: Morgan has proven capable of surviving the death of her physical body.[22] Morgan can possess the bodies of women and, over time, reform them into perfect duplicates of her original.[65][66] As a result, she can be perpetually reincarnated so long as her spirit survives. Her spirit can exist independently of any host, apparently for centuries and with little loss of power.[23]
  • Power Granting: Morgana has demonstrated the ability to grant powers to others. She once enchanted a stone petal from the Ebon Rose and told Ian McNee to swallow it. She told him that the petal would allow him to speak with Gaea's children, both flora and fauna, giving him control over them.[67] She also granted Ian all of her powers for a period of time to help him use the cornerstones of creation.[42]
  • Flight[47]
  • Teleportation: Morgana was capable of teleporting across great distances.[4][33] She has also demonstrated an ability to teleport entire armies and to relocate her entire castle into another dimension. She once used teleportation to kill the Sentry by literally teleporting into his physical form and causing him to explode.[3]
  • Omnipresence: Morgana has demonstrated an ability to be everywhere at once. In the pages of Avengers World, she unleashed an army of the dead all over Europe. She proceeded to watch that same army by projecting her image into the skies, watching over the various cities and speaking down to the public regarding her take over.[52][53]
  • Shape Shifting: Morgana has demonstrated an ability to change her shape and form. She has on occasion used magic to grow in size to assume a giant version of herself.[53][23] She has also assumed different forms altogether, including a dragon.[citation needed]
  • Transmutation: Morgana has demonstrated the power to transform one thing into another. She once cast a spell that turned various suits of armor into a monstrous creature to attack the Black Knight.[2] Morgana once cast a spell to turn normal trees into monstrous ones and sent them to fight Ian McNee.[43] Morgana turned Ares to stone when she battled the Dark Avengers.[47]
  • Energy Projection: Morgana is able to her magical energy in the form of bolts, beams and various others when battling, has on several occasions proved devastating. When she battled Doom in a magical fight, her energy projection proved far too strong for him and she left him completely comatose for a period of time until he was able to get help from the Dark Avengers.[46]
  • Illusions: Morgana has demonstrated the power to create illusions. Not only this, but she actually sent her illusions through time and space to 'haunt' Spider-Woman in the present day.[22]
  • Astral Projection: Morgan has frequently displayed the ability to project herself in astral form. While in astral form, she has also been able to utilize her entire array of magical powers. She has also been able to bring others into an astral plane of existence too and battle them there. She can also affect physical beings and objects while in astral form.[23]
  • True Immortality: Morgana can be considered a "True God". Though actual gods like the Asgardians and Olympians can actually be killed one way or another, Morgana it seems, cannot. She has not aged, perhaps due to her fairy lineage. Morgana has probably been 'killed' more times and in more celebrated ways than any other villain in the Marvel universe. So much so that it became a recurring joke. She had her physical form aged and decomposed, she had her head ripped off, she was killed with arrows, she had her physical form completely destroyed, she had an iron sword cast into her spirit, she was imprisoned in her astral form on an astral plane, in addition to various other forms. Despite this, she has survived each time, most appearing seconds after her "death" appearance completely unharmed.
  • Duplication: Morgan displayed the ability to split herself into three incarnations: The Wise Witch, The Maiden Warrior and The Beautiful Sorceress.[68]


Morgan Le Fae is weak to iron or ferrous metallic objects.[68]



Sometimes stated she could fly with her dark magic.[68]


  • Morgan Le Fay is a worshiper of Gaea.[69]

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