Morgan le Fay was accidentally freed from her armor imprisonment by Jessie Prescott during the Ross family's visit to the American Museum of Natural History as she planned to claim the sword and cause the end of the world. Spider-Man came to their aid as Morgan brought the exhibits to life while placing a pumpkin on a security guard turning him into Jack O'Lantern. After the battle with the exhibits, Morgan made another attempt at the sword where she transformed Mrs. Kipling into a dragon. Morgan then attacked Jessie as she used the sword to combat Morgan. After blasting the sword out of Jessie's hand, Morgan grabbed the sword in order to blot out the sun and become the true heir of Camelot. After Ravi regained control of Mrs. Kipling, Jessie placed the sword back onto the armor as Morgan le Fay is re-imprisoned.[1]


Spell Casting: Morgana is a very powerful sorceress capable of casting incredible spells. Morgana could cast spells to control her enemies.

Time Travel: Morgana was very skilled in magical time travel. It was one of her most frequently used magics.

Teleportation: Morgana was capable of teleporting across dimensions, locations and through time.

Energy Projection: Morgana is incredibly powerful. Her projection of magical energy in the form of bolts, beams and various others when battling, has on several occasions proved devastating.

Illusion Making: Morgana has demonstrated the power to create illusions.

  • Morgan really hates kids.[1]

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