Sixty years ago Morgan le Fay found herself trapped on Weirdworld where she was sold into slavery; however, she overcame this situation with the help of Elizabeth and Nakia, and then forged the Kingdom of the Torch.[1]

After the final incursion destroyed the Multiverse, the Weirdworld of Morgan le Fay's home reality was saved by God Emperor Doom as part of a new Weirdworld, one of the domains on Battleworld, a land that contained sorcery and strange, perverted science from many alternate reality magical realms. She became the baroness of the realm as Witch Queen le Fay.[2] After Arkon the Magnificent stole from her on multiple occasions,[3] she dispatched Skull the Slayer to kill him.[4] Skull and Arkon were then recruited by the Swamp Queen to help start a war to overthrow the Witch Queen.[5]

A fierce battle ensued between the Swamp Queen Alliance and le Fay's forces for the fate of Weirdworld; however, neither of them emerged victorious as Battleworld collapsed after God Emperor Doom was defeated during the Secret Wars. Weirdworld then became part of the Prime Marvel Universe, where much like her howeworld, it existed in the Bermuda Triangle. Later, a Boeing 747 crashed into it and one of the plane's occupants was Becca the Earthgirl, whom Arkon rescued along with numerous other survivors before he then resumed his journey to find Polemachus.[6]

Becca then encountered Ogeode, who proclaimed that he had caused the plane crash with an artifact known as the Wuxian Seed. Ogeode was promptly killed by Goleta the Wizardslayer. His death was witnessed by Warg, who notified the Witch Queen le Fay that the Wuxian Seed had fallen into Becca's possession.[7]


Seemingly those of Morgan le Fay of the Prime Marvel Universe.


Seemingly those of Morgan le Fay of the Prime Marvel Universe.

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