Morgan le Fay is a Sorceress who trained in the mystic arts alongside Tina Minoru and befriended her. Morgan convinced Tina to steal the Staff of One from the vaults of the academy in which they trained, but after having done so, Tina realized that Morgan only wanted the Staff's power and kept it to herself.[1] Subsequently, Morgan was banished into the Dark Dimension where she was able to increase her power and amass followers, but was unable to leave.[2] Eventually, she established mental contact with Tina's daughter Nico and began subtly influencing her.[3] Eventually, Morgan was able to get Nico to cast the "Tenebrae" spell that transported the Runaways and several of their parents into the Dark Dimension, while also enabling Morgan to leave.

The Runaways and their parents, sans Alex Wilder, left the Dark Dimension after what seemed like only hours to them,[4] only to find that many months have passed on the outside. In that time, Morgan used magic charms on Tina's husband Robert, making him fall in love with her and promoting her to a high-ranking position in their company Wizard. Morgan also recruited several other female witches into her new coven and used the Darkhold and Wizard's capabilities to manufacture and distribute a new "Corvus" model of WizPhone which was powered by magic and subtly influenced its users to violence.[2]

Above all, Morgan still desired the Staff of One and attempted to convince Nico to deliver it to her.[5] However, her deceptions were uncovered and both Runaways and the former PRIDE joined forces against Morgan and her coven.[1] Morgan confronted them in the Hostel, where a sacrifice of one of the Runaways trapped her in an enchanted circle, buying enough time for Tina Minoru to cast a spell to send Morgan back into the Dark Dimension.[6]



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