Quote1 It's Morgana le Fay. Dark sorceress from another time. Quote2
-- Ares, The God of War src

Early Years

Allegedly, two islands remained of Atlantis after it sank. These islands did not sink until thousands of years later. On one of these islands, called Avalon, one member of its royalty was a person named Igraine. Igraine had a daughter named Morgan, who went to Britain with Myrddin—later Merlin—when Avalon sank.

Protesting the conversion of Great Britain to Pauline Christianity, Morgan opposed her half-brother, King Arthur Pendragon. To this end, Morgan attempted to used the Darkhold and was possessed by Chthon.

Later, when Merlin and the Black Knight went off to battle Morgan, a mutant Nordheimr Vanir impersonated Merlin, and Sir Percival was slain by Mordred. Morgan herself was imprisoned within her castle.

In modern times, Morgan's astral form battled the Avengers. She briefly altered the world to her own twisted version with the team serving as her Queen's Vengeance.

Dark Avengers (Earth-616) vs. Morgan le Fay (Earth-616) from Dark Avengers Vol 1 2 001

Morgana forcing the Dark Avengers into retreat.

Doctor Doom

Doctor Doom traveled back in time to ask for her help in defeating the Mighty Avengers. During his many visits, they became lovers. She taught him magic but asked for a gift from the future. Doom claimed he couldn't, as it would cause disruption to the timeline. However, Doom did not consider their affair disruptive, as it was contained. Doom asked Morgan to tutor him further in the dark arts, including summoning an army of demons he used successfully to take down the Mighty Avengers.[2]

Morgan traveled into the future with an army of demons to avenge Doom's betrayal.[3] At first, she attempted to kill Doom when he was a child, but then decided to go ahead several decades, so that Doom would fully know why she was going to kill him, and engaged Doom in Latveria. When the Dark Avengers arrived to rescue Doom, the Sentry tore off her head. She subsequently violently re-appeared in his place and took control over the new Spider-Man (Mac Gargan), who attacked Ares.[4] She was killed again by the new Hawkeye (Bullseye), but she reappeared again. Morgan turned Ares into stone, while Doom and Iron Patriot traveled back in time to kill her in her own time.[5] There, Doom chanted a spell of a language that even she possessed no knowledge of to forcibly send the sorceress into her own enchanted cauldron, despite her screams and pleas. Though Morgan lived, she was sent to 1,000,000 BC where she ran from a tribe of cavemen fighting a T-Rex. Doom magically restored Latveria, and the revived Dark Avengers headed back to America.[6]

Morgan le Fay (Earth-616) from Avengers World Vol 1 12 001

Morgan, Queen of the World

Avengers World

After having been freed by her daughter Caroline le Fay from her own magic cauldron that Doom trapped her in, Morgan le Fay took over a City of the Dead underneath Velletri, Italy, a mystical necropolis of which there are many below European cities.[7] From here she launched a massive attack with armies of the dead all over Europe.[8]

The Avengers and the Euroforce joined forces to take her down, but they were easily overpowered by the hordes of the dead.[9] Sebastian Druid tried to aid the heroes, but he was killed by le Fay shortly after arriving at the city.[10] However, killing Druid worked out against Morgan's plans. He became a ghost of the city which, being one of them, allowed his magic to work, pulling back the armies back to their respective necropolises, severely weakening le Fay. The Avengers and the Euroforce proceeded to beat her up, forcing her to retreat.[11]

Power Grid [28]
Energy Projection
Fighting Skills
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Morgana possesses a gifted intellect, and as a former pupil of Merlin, she knows a great deal of magical lore, considered one of the greatest sorceresses in Earth's history. To prove this, the Eye of Agamotto appeared to Morgan as it considered her as a possible replacement for Doctor Strange as Sorcerer Supreme.[12] She is also a high priestess of the Earth goddess (Gaea) by invoking her Celtic name, Danu.

  • Spell Casting: Morgana is a very powerful sorceress capable of casting prodigious spells. Morgana once cast a spell that resurrected the entire sunken continent of Atlantis, killing the vast majority of its water-breathing inhabitants in the process.[13][14] Morgana can cast location spells. She once cast a spell to locate Doom to see where he was hidden through time and space. She used this same spell to watch him in the modern day from her location in medieval times.[3] Morgana can cast spells to control her enemies. She cast a spell to enslave Thor into doing whatever she asked.[14] And she also cast a spell to take control of Spider-Man's symbiote form to attack his teammates.[4] Again proving her power, Morgana cast a spell to trap the Elder god Chthon within Mount Wundagore, where he remained for centuries until he was able to use the Scarlet Witch in the modern day to escape.[15] Morgan has used the Crimson Bands of Cyttorak to bind Doctor Strange and Balor, proving her capabilities of manipulating extra-dimensional mystical energies from the Octessence if needed.
Morgan le Fay (Earth-616) from Avengers World Vol 1 10 001
  • Reality Warping: Morgana once cast a very powerful spell to warp all of reality in her image by harnessing the Norn Stones. She was able to do this because of her own link to the Asgardians since she is half-Faerie, the same race as the Dark Elves. She also used the Twilight Sword in this effort; however, she required The Scarlet Witch to bridge the gap between her own magic and the sword itself.[16] Morgana once again cast a spell to warp all of reality around the globe by just using the masculine energies of Mordred; however, the spell was foiled by the Black Knight. This brings into question the necessity of the Norn Stones, the Twilight Sword, and the Scarlet Witch in her previous effort.[17]
  • Time Travel: Morgana was very skilled in magical time travel. It was one of her most frequently used magics. She once traveled back in time to kill Doom as a child but didn't, having decided that she wanted him to know why she was going to kill him instead.[4] Morgana used time travel to transport her entire army of monsters from medieval times to the modern day.[5] Morgan's skill at time travel is sufficient for her to remain ongoing enemies with opponents centuries apart. She can manipulate the rules of time travel to repeatedly undo her own death and return unaffected to the same battle.[18]
  • Necromancy: Morgana was very powerful in necromancy, so much so that Doom actually traveled back in time in order to learn from her how to create an army of monsters, something she frequently did.[2] Morgana also cast a spell to re-animate every person killed by the sword Excalibur by using a shard of the sword itself in an effort to create an army of the dead.[19] Morgana also used necromancy to unleash a global-sized army of the dead all over Europe by utilizing the hidden cities of the dead.[8] Morgana once used necromancy to create an entire army of monsters that she unleashed upon the Dark Avengers. She also transported this army through time and space from medieval times to the modern day to fight her enemies.[5]
  • Resurrection: Morgan has proven capable of surviving the death of her physical body.[20] Morgan can possess the bodies of women and, over time, reform them into perfect duplicates of her original.[21][22] As a result, she can be perpetually reincarnated so long as her spirit survives. Her spirit can exist independently of any host, apparently for centuries and with little loss of power.[23]
  • Power Granting: Morgana has demonstrated the ability to grant powers to others. She once enchanted a stone petal from the Ebon Rose and told Ian Mcknee to swallow it. She told him that the petal would allow him to speak with Gaea's children, both flora and fauna, giving him control over them.[24] She also granted Ian all of her powers for a period of time to help him use the cornerstones of creation.[25]
  • Teleportation : Morgana was capable of teleporting across great distances.[13][14] She has also demonstrated an ability to teleport entire armies and to relocate her entire castle into another dimension. She once used teleportation to kill the Sentry by literally teleporting into his physical form and causing him to explode.[4]
  • Omnipresence: Morgana has demonstrated an ability to be everywhere at once. In the pages of Avengers World, she unleashed an army of the dead all over Europe. She proceeded to watch that same army by projecting her image into the skies, watching over the various cities and speaking down to the public regarding her take over.[8][9]
  • Shape Shifting: Morgana has demonstrated an ability to change her shape and form. She has on occasion used magic to grow in size to assume a giant version of herself.[9][23] She has also assumed different forms altogether, including a dragon.[citation needed]
  • Transmutation: Morgana has demonstrated the power to transform one thing into another. She once cast a spell that turned various suits of armour into a monstrous creature to attack the Black Knight.[1] Morgana once cast a spell to turn normal trees into monstrous ones and sent them to fight Ian Mcknee.[26] Morgana turned Ares to stone when she battled the Dark Avengers.[5]
  • Energy Projection: Morgana is incredibly powerful. Her projection of magical energy in the form of bolts, beams and various others when battling, has on several occasions proved devastating. When she battled Doom in a magical fight, her energy projection proved far too strong for him and she left him completely comatose for a period of time until he was able to get help from the Dark Avengers.[3]
  • Illusions: Morgana has demonstrated the power to create illusions. Not only this, but she actually sent her illusions through time and space to 'haunt' Spider-Woman in the present day.[20]
  • Astral Projection: Morgan has frequently displayed the ability to project herself in astral form. While in astral form, she has also been able to utilize her entire array of magical powers. She has also been able to bring others into an astral plane of existence too and battle them there. She can also affect physical beings and objects while in astral form.[23]


Morgan Le Fae is weak to iron or ferrous metallic objects.


Sometimes stated she could fly with her dark magic.

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