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  • Morgause is a prominent character from Arthurian legend. She is depicted as the full sister of Morgan le Fay, the half-sister and mistress of Arthur Pendragon, the wife of Lot, King of Orkney (the Orkney Islands of Scotland), and the mother of two major characters: Gawain and Mordred. She is at times depicted as the mother to minor characters Agravain, Gaheris, and Gareth. All five of her sons were Knights of the Round Table. A 13th century text also mentions her daughters Clarissant and Soredamor, who are not depicted elsewhere.
  • In "Le Morte d'Arthur" (1485), Morgause is widowed when her husband Lot, King of Orkney is killed in battle by Pellinore, King of Listeneise. Morgause then starts a sexual affair with the knight Lamorak, one of Pellinore's sons. Her son Gaheris catches them having sex, and proceeds to decapitate Morgause due to her lack of chastity. However, Gaheris spares Lamorak's life.
  • In modern adaptations of the Arthurian legend, the sisters Morgan and Morgause are often conflated into the same character. In other cases, both sisters are depicted as villainous. Morgause was not a villain in the Medieval tales, but has been depicted as a villain in several adaptations of the 20th and 21st century, beginning with "The Once and Future King" series (1938-1958) by T. H. White.

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