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Morinus was an extra-dimensional world located on the other side of Reality-616. When Star-Lord sacrificed himself to detonate a bomb to exile the rogue Olympians from Earthspace, he was marooned to Morinus. A couple of nomad mercenaries named Aradia and Mors found him and nursed him back to health.

Living unaging in Morinus, Peter acquitted himself with Mors and Aradia as friends and eventually lovers, joining them in mercenary adventures for over a hundred years. The Olympians ultimately escaped from their exile since their power had been stored within Peter's Element Gun and each use of it paved the way for their escape by letting a portion of their power into the world. Using a mystical portal in the temple named Gateway, Peter returned to his home dimension to lure the Olympians away from Morinus.[1]



  • "Morinus" means "the world beyond the sun" in old tongue.[1]

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