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Outcasts, "Lowest Caste"
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A group of people with who lived at the lowest rungs of society for various reasons. Shang-Chi later organizes the group into a school and becomes its teacher so he could enter the Thirteen Chambers Tournament and overthrow the tyrannical rule of his father, Zhang Zu.
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The Morlocks were a group of people who were shunned by the people of K'un-Lun due to being considered too weak to learn martial arts and were forced to live on the lowest rungs of society.[1] One day, they witnessed a fight between Shang-Chi, the exiled son of K'un-Lun's ruler Emperor Zheng Zu, and members of the Emperor's royal guard. The Outcasts decide to enter the fight and distracted the royal guard enough of the royal guard for Shang and themselves to slip away into a secret network of underground tunnels.[2]

Shang-Chi agreed to train the Morlocks in martial arts, but he was always drinking and slapping his students around. They complained that he was not giving them proper training, just as everyone else refused to train them. Morlock Kitten offered some encouragement to Shang-Chi by telling him about the pasts and special skills of herself and the other Morlocks. However, Shang-Chi, a master of nine of the ten techniques from the Ten Rings School, was a shell of his former self and turned to alcohol to dull his pain. He told the Morlocks of what it would mean for him to teach them as his father would have and informed them of all the ways that his father would torture them for being so weak. He then he goes to find a place to pass out.

Later, the Morlock Callisto betrayed her friends by going to Zheng Zu and telling him where he could find his son in exchange for getting into the Ten Rings School. Wanting his son dead for disobedience, Zheng Zu sent assassins to kill him. When Shang-Chi finally woke up from his drunk stupor, he witnessed the Morlocks face down on the floor and about to be executed by the assassins. Shang-Chi managed to save the Morlocks and cover their escape, but the Morlock Cy was sadly killed.

Saddened over the loss of Cy, Shang-Chi revealed that he used to be his father's top assassin and was responsible for assassinating his father's main rival, the well-known martial artist Lord Tuan.[1] His father then wanted Shang-Chi dead to cover up his role in the crime.[3] Ever since then, Shang-Chi swore to never use his martial arts training again, but he now realized how much of a threat his father had become. So, he decided to become the Morlocks' master and form a school in order to qualify to enter the Thirteen Chambers Tournament to earn the right to defeat Zheng Zu. The school went by the name the "Outcasts".[1]

Shang-Chi later entered the tournament and defeated every foe he encountered. All the while, he redeemed himself for killing Lord Tuan. His final opponent was his father Zheng Zu. He managed to defeat his father and become the new emperor of K'un-Lun.[4]

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