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The past history of the Morlocks of Earth-21993 mostly mirrors that of their Earth-616 counterpart. In this reality Charles Xavier would be assassinated by Cable leading to widespread human/mutant violence.

In this reality, the Morlocks would become the victims of angry anti-mutant mobs when, for reasons unrevealed, they came up to the surface. In order to prevent any casualties, the Freedom Force was called in by the government to separate the mob from the Morlock's and force them back into the sewers below.[1]

The ultimate fate of the Morlocks remains unrevealed, the only member seen after this encounter would be Sunder who would join up with Magneto's mutant army. He would be one of the few survivors, having been captured by the Sentinels prior to the army's destruction and placed into an internment camp. He would later be freed by Wolverine and recruited into a new team of X-Men.[2]

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