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Morph was a member of the X-Men. During the team's raid on the Mutant Control Agency headquarters, Morph was attacked by a group of Sentinels and presumed dead.[1] Mister Sinister found Morph and nursed him back to health. Brainwashed by Sinister, Morph sought vengeance against his friends for leaving him behind. He fought against the X-Men before overcoming his dark side and eventually helping his former teammates escape.[2] He was left alone for some time in order to come to his senses, eventually finding work in a human business where he was welcome; a circus sideshow. After his personality stabilized, the X-Men felt confident to start his rehabilitation.

Morph was sent to Muir Island for treatment. When he returned to the X-Men, Morph's first mission involved the Sentinels once more. Filled with fear of having to face the beings that had almost killed him, Morph was weary to accept such a task. Eventually he overcame his fear and even managed to destroy Master Mold. Feeling that he was not ready to be a hero yet, he left the X-Men and returned to Muir Island.[3]

Morph returned to help the X-Men once again, after Professor X was publicly attacked and almost killed by Henry Gyrich. To ensure Charles's safety, Morph assumed the Professor's form and appeared on TV to try and calm the riots that had broken out over the attack.[4]

Powers and Abilities


Morph is a mutant with the following powers:

  • Shapeshifting: Has the ability to shift his form into exact duplicate of any human, humanoid, or semi-humanoid being of either sex. He has also demonstrated the ability to transform into animals. He can transform body parts and is a natural mimic of voices and sounds.


  • Morph was introduced in X-Men: The Animated Series to fill in the role originally meant for Thunderbird. Series developer Eric Lewald felt uneasy about killing off the show's only Native American character right away, so he decided to replace him. While researching X-Men history, Lewald came across the character Changeling, who died sacrificing himself. Due to DC Comics having recently introduced a character named Changeling, Lewald adapted Changeling as Morph.[5]

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