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Morphine Somers served as President Doom's Minister of Humanity in his Black Cabinet after conquering America. Morphine was a cynical opportunist but he did want what was best for his people. To that end he asked to shut down the Red Market which was slaughtering humans and mutants alike and using them for organ donations, medical research and bloodsports. After shutting down the Theatre of Pain, one of the worst offenders in the Red Market, Doom created a new city as a haven for the disenfranchised where Morphine and the X-Men were given positions of authority.[1]

Soon the Graverobber and his army of zombies called the Undead began to terrorize the city. They demanded Cerebra's father Zail Haddad (a notorious player in the Red Market) be handed over to them. To save the city Morphine kidnapped Zail and gave him to Graverobber. As he did so he detonated a bomb that affects the human brain killing Graverobber and the Undead and rendering Cerebra's father comatose. Despite her horrible relationship with her evil father Morphine using him as a bargaining chip was an insult Cerebra would not forgive and told Morphine he was nothing more than a carpet bagger.[2]

Morphine came to Halo City because he had bought into the rumor Doom started off a mutant messiah to smoke out the impending Phalanx Invasion. Morphine wanted the child for himself. Doom was furious with Morphine for making deals with Anthony Herod the man who deposed Doom from the American presidency. Morphine had promised he would give Herod the Graverobber's underlings so Herod could create an undead army. In exchange Morphine wanted freedom from prosecution and for Halo City to be left alone. Doom having overseen the construction of Halo City returned via secret passages he had put into the plans for the city. He removed Morphine's powers with an inhibitor spike and warned that he could get to Morphine any time he wanted.[3]

Morphine's plans to join the Halo City city council were ruined by journalist Gunnar Heywood's newsreport on the Graverobber incident. After the world was flooded he and many of the X-Men relocated to the Savage Land.[4]


The ability to rapidly age everything he touches

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