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Morris was a Dijiang from Ta Lo. During his search for the hidden village, Wenwu came across Morris and took him back to his fortress. Morris was kept there for many years, eventually befriending the fellow prisoner Trevor Slattery, who grew to understand him despite believing Morris to be a hallucination.[1]

When Wenwu's children Shang-Chi and Xialing along with Shang-Chi's friend Katy were put into the dungeons, they came across Trevor and Morris. Overjoyed when others could see his "imaginary" friend, Trevor translated for Morris, who wanted to go back home and offered to show the pass through the dangerous bamboo maze. Together they managed to escape the cave and made their way down to the garage, where the prisoners stole Razor Fist's car. They came to the entrance of the maze leading to Ta Lo, where through Trevor Morris gave them precise instructions on the road to take in order to stay in the safe pocket. After the car went through the final barrier and emerged in Ta Lo, Morris was overjoyed to see others of his kind again. He remained close to Trevor during his stay in Ta Lo, showing concern when Trevor pretended to the dead during a battle.[1]

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