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  • Hydrokinetic Physiology: Due to an accident, his entire bodily cellular structure is replaced with water molecules. This grants him a myraid of elemental powers, that concern water.
    • Superhuman Strength: He has slight superhuman strength. He is able to punch and even hurt Spiderman with his attacks.
    • Self-Reforming: His body can automatically & instantly reform itself, similarly to a healing factor. Cloak has said that he cannot be harmed or affected by physical force.
    • Hydrokinesis: He has power over the element of water. He can project water blasts, create water sprouts and even tidal waves.
    • Transformation: He can transform himself into pure water form or even water vapor.
    • Immortal: He cannot die from natural causes, as he is water on a cellular structure. However, killing him is also next to impossible.

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