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Real Name
Morris Bench
Current Alias
Morrie Bench
Morris Bench (clone, deceased)
Base of Operations
Mobile through New York City
Living Status
Marital Status
Criminal, formerly enlisted in the Navy


Unusual Features
Liquid form
Creators and Appearances


Morris Bench.

Morris Bench once dated Mary Jane Watson, but she broke up with him after realizing she had made a big mistake. Soon after, Morrie was expelled from school and his parents enlisted him in the navy to keep him out of trouble. While in the special research unit, he was accidentally pulled overboard a ship while something was being lowered into the ocean. Exposed to something under the seabed, Bench's cellular structure was altered. After escaping from underwater, he was astonished to learn that he could convert his entire physical form into a watery liquid.

Dubbing himself Hydro-Man, he then decided to continue to pursue Mary Jane. He robbed several targets in New York City, gaining a large loot which he planned to give to Mary Jane. When Mary Jane received a phone call from him insisting that they meet up, she reluctantly met with him where he showed her his new powers, but she refused to reconcile with him and Spider-Man arrived to save her when Hydro-Man became angry. After this, he kidnapped her by infiltrating her house through her kitchen tap. He took her to his hideout where he showed her the loot he amassed, and she realized he was behind the robberies in the news. When Spider-Man arrived to save her, they fought, and Hydro-Man gained the upper hand, before Mary Jane lured him to the top of the building, where he was far away from any source of water. Enraged, he lunged at Spider-Man but hit the floor, causing him to disintegrate into a puddle of water, and evaporate.[1]

Months later, Miles Warren created a clone of Hydro-Man.[2]

Powers and Abilities


Seemingly those of the Morris Bench of Earth-616


If Hydro-Man is not at a close distance to a source of water, he becomes weak and if he disintegrates into a puddle of water in this situation, he is unable to reform himself and could potentially evaporate.


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