Morris Sackett was a professional basketball player who at some point encountered the wandering Terrigen Mist circling the Earth and was transformed into an Inhuman via Terrigenesis.[2]

No longer possessing a physical body, Sackett discovered he could enter into the bodies of others, assuming control and becoming something of an infiltration specialist.[3]

After learning to use his abilities, Mosaic penetrated the security measures of a secret S.H.I.E.L.D. installation in Manhattan, ultimately occupying Agent Melinda May's body and stealing Field Director Phil Coulson's personal S.H.I.E.L.D. Flying Car, taking Lola for a joyride through the skies of New York City.[1]


Morris was a Human with latent Inhuman heritage whose powers were activated by the Terrigen Bomb. After Terrigenesis, he projected from his physical body as a being consisting primarily of a previously unknown form of energy.

  • Intangibility: Outside of his body, Morris can phase through solid objects and walls, as well as avoid being grabbed by people.[2]
  • Levitation: Morris' intangibility allows him to levitate while outside of a physical body.[4]
  • Physical Possession: Morris can possess people, and while doing so gains access to every memory, skill, and ability of that person, some of which he retains even after switching bodies.[2]
  • Invisibility: Morris is seemingly invisible to whom he has not possessed.[4] He eventually learns from Johnny Storm how to adjust his form to a visible (yet unstable)[5] energy range.[6]
  • Dreamspace Manipulation: When inside someone's mind, Morris can change his shape to fight off 'antibodies'.[7]


Athletic Prowess: Morris exhibited strength and agility superior to that of a college-aged Human athlete by the age of twelve, which Brand Corp testing attributed to his eugenically superior Inhuman lineage.[8]

Multilingual: Morris learned six languages from Jae Yu, including Korean and Russian, and also learned Spanish from Beto.[2]

Electrician: Morris garnered Beto's knowledge about electric devices from his vocational training.[2]

Advanced Military Operator: Morris gained Kenny Gunning's knowledge of various armed forces disciplines including intelligence gathering, infiltration, disguise, and combat tactics.[4]

Marksman: Morris is an exceptional marksman of various types of firearms, augmented by the extraordinary abilities of Agent May.[1]

Martial Artist: Morris also picked up Kenny's knowledge of military-graded hand-to-hand combat.[4]

Administrative Skills: Morris acquired Candilisa Chang's knack for organization and planning, allowing him to better focus and coordinate his thoughts.[9]

Gifted Intellect: Morris learned to think more quickly and in a more scientific manner from his possession of Spider-Man, allowing him to better discern the nature of his own powers.[7]

Spider Physiology: While possessing Spider-Man, Morris has access to his degree of the proportionate powers of a spider, presumably including an unspecified amount of superhuman strength, speed, durability, reflexes, stamina, and agility.[7]

Expert Pilot: Morris is an expert pilot of fixed-wing aircraft, adroitness he acquired from Cyclops.[10]

Strength level

No longer in possession of a physical body, Mosaic can't physically interact with objects by himself.[2] After he possesses a person's body, he is as strong as the person he possesses combined with the unspecified degree of enhanced strength he inherited from Spider-Man.[7]


Power Limitation: Morris is incapable of possessing someone whom he has previously possessed and attempting to do so induces electrical feedback which causes him physical pain.[9]

Willpower: Those with a strong will, such as Magneto, can force Morris out of their mind and body.[10]

Energy Perception: Morris is usually within an invisible range of energy but others with energy based powered-on states, such as Johnny Storm, are capable of perceiving him without his knowledge.[6]


Morris' primary mode of transportation is flight via his own innate ability to levitate when not possessing another person's body.[4]

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