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Formerly a Sheriff in LA, he was married to Elaine Walters, and their daughter, Jennifer, later became the She-Hulk.[1]

As a deputy, he investigated a teenager, James David, who later became a film star as ‘The Rumbler’. He arrested him while he was at the peak of his fame after David ran someone down while drunk, but once David was swallowed by the ground, he couldn’t pass his story on.[2]

He was involved in multiple cases involving the Savage She-Hulk, and remained in LA after his retirement.[3] At a Christmas party, he met and fell in love with Louise Mason, the former Blonde Phantom. He also wished for his daughter to return to her original form again, which came true for one night after a gift from St Nick.

When Louise later became the She-Hulk, Morris travelled to New York to confess his love to her live on air, which triggered her and Jennifer to return to their correct forms after a switch.[4]

Upon hearing that James David had returned from the dead, and assuming it was an imposter, Morris went to call the imposter out, but found it was the real James David who had survived and gained the ability to control earth, taking his stage name as his alter ego.[5] Morris was badly injured by rocks thrown by him, and taken to hospital. Upon learning he survived, The Rumbler attacked him again, but he was saved by his daughter.[2]

With the Rumbler gone, Morris persuaded Jen to make a guest appearance on a soap opera for charity.[6]

When he saw his daughter going savage, he rushed from the hospital, and upon catching up with her, provided enough distraction for the energy to leave her system. After her return as the Sensational She-Hulk, he moved in with Louise Mason.[7]

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