Morrow was the one of the Nova Corps Centurions the Xandarian World recruited when it merged with Ego. Many of the newer recruits were killed a short time later by the Imperial Guard. As a result Nova Prime Richard Rider decided to rebuild the Nova Corps from the ground up. The new Centurions were demoted to the Nova Corps levels below Centurion: Denarian, Millenian and Corpsmen and their power levels adjusted accordingly. Morrow, Irani Rael and Fraktur went from being Nova Centurions to Nova Millenians. Some of the less experienced Centurions were reduced all the way back to Corpsmen.[1]


Seemingly those of a member of the Nova Corps including flight and energy projection


Nova Helmet and uniform

Morrow's new rank: Denarian or Millenian?

Morrow and Irani Rael are depicted as wearing a Denarian (two stars) uniform in Nova Vol 4 29-30. Issue 31 states the two of them along with Fraktur have actually been demoted to the level below that Millennian (one star).

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