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After Peter Quill was presumed dead, Mors and his wife Aradia found him on Morinus and nursed him back to health. After a year, they and Peter had been fighting and living each other for so long that Aradia invited him to join in on their "bond", which Peter refused, stating that there was someone (Gamora) waiting for him back home. Aradia respected his wishes, but found the concept of monogamy "weird".

However, after twelve years with them, Peter became accustomed to his new life and so took up Aradia and Mors on their offer, being reborn in a ceremony and formally becoming a third "spouse" in their relationship. Another 131 years passed, and Aradia was now heavily pregnant with a child. Shortly after, the Olympians found Peter, seeking to kill him and reclaim their power from the Element Gun. After a year of fighting (during which time, Aradia's child by Peter, Rocky, was born), Peter chose to return where he came from, leaving a saddened Aradia behind.[1]


Mors is very friendly and welcoming; after awakening from his twelve-day coma, Peter noted that she and Mors had left his weapon with him to indicate that they were not hostile. They eagerly welcomed Peter both into their nomadic way of life, and into their relationship, after only a year of knowing him. They also described themselves as helping others when they could, indicating a heroic nature. Mors also seems to have a mischievous and thrill-seeking side, gleefully asking his companions to join him in robbing a flying castle.

Powers and Abilities


Semi-Immortality: As with his spouse; Mors does not age like a typical human being. Seeing as he and Aradia had spent more than a hundred and twenty-four years adventuring with Star-Lord yet remain in their physical prime. Further, while Peter is at least demonstrated growing longer hair and facial hair during the passage of time, Mors remains completely unchanged.


Mors is an accomplished adventurer and combatant, utilizing a number of weapons and tools to battle against a variety of foes.[1]

Physical Strength

Mors has the strength of a normal human male who engages in regular exercise.



Winged gliders used for flight;[1] unknown pair of goggles.


A crossbow of alien design with unknown capabilities. He also utilizes a saber-like blade. [1]

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