Assisting in a safari with Greg Knight, Lorna and the group get lost. With supplies running low, guards are put on the supplies so that they can be rationed out. Believing the rest of the group is doomed, Mort Hoskins attempts to take more water while the rest of the camp sleeps, but Lorna -- who is on guard duty -- catches him in his attempt and subdues him. Caught red handed, Greg is forced to decree Mort an outcast according to tribal law and sends him out in the jungle to fend for himself for the greater good of the group. With the situation looking grim, Lorna cannot sit idle any longer and convinces Greg to let her go out searching for water. Mort is not far away, already plotting revenge against Lorna by targeting her pet monkey Mikki.

Mort snares Mikki with a rope and tries to take the ape hostage. When Lorna stands down but Mikki snares Mort in the rope long enough for Lorna to land a punch. As Mort begins to feel sorry for himself, a boa constrictor snares him. Lorna saves his life pulling the snake off him. Before Mort can shoot the boa, Lorna stops him as she notices the snake going toward a watering hole. Lorna realizes this is a way that Mort can save face and has him go back to the camp and bring Greg and the others to the water. Lorna pretends that her search for water was fruitless. Mort is hailed as a hero and invited back into the group.[1]

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