Mort Morbid was a screw-ball inventor who was active during the 1940s. He was obsessed with springs and made many spring loaded gadgets. Inventing a pair of spring shoes that would allow an individual to jump great heights he sought to sell the idea to the Hobnob Toy Company in 1948. The company found the invention ridiculous and he was laughed out of the business. However, Mort Morbid vowed to get revenge, and force them to buy his idea. Morbid began calling himself the Springer and began hiding spring loaded traps around the Hobnob Toy Company's office and in the home of it's owner J. Hobnob.

Having had enough, Hobnob sought out the services of private detective Mark Mason. When the Springer left a trap outside Mason's office door, Mason's secretary Louise Grant decided to get involved as her alter-ego, the Blonde Phantom. By this point, the Springer was once more terrorizing the Hobnob Toy Company, and with his spring loaded shoes managed to trip up Mason and rob the company safe. Spotted by the Blonde Phantom, the Springer was followed back to his home where he kept the heroine on the defensive with his spring loaded traps and inventions. Finding another pair of spring loaded shoes the Blonde Phantom then chased the Springer across the city, attracting the attention of many New Yorkers as well as a beat patrol man who chased after them.

The Springer led them back to the toy company where he returned the stolen money then tried to escape out the office window. The fall was too far, and the Springer's spring shoes gave out from falling from such a height allowing Mort to be easily captured by the Blonde Phantom. However, when he was brought upstairs, both the Blonde Phantom and J. Hobnob found a mob of people waiting outside the office wanting to purchase a pair of Mort's spring shoes. Seeing the value of this invention, Hobnob dropped all charges and bought Mort's invention.[1]

Mort's subsequent fate is unknown, but apparently he kept a clean record ever since.


The Springer's primary obsession was the use of springs. He made many spring loaded gadgets such as spring loaded boxing gloves, false surfaces that use springs that eject whatever is put on them (including people).


Mort travelled on spring loaded shoes that allowed him to jump great heights and distances.


Mort invented a "Spring Machine Gun" a gun that fired tiny spring at the turn of a crank. The weapon was more of a nuisance than a real threat.

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