Barnacle was amongst the group of Acolytes that attacked the X-Men during the opening stages of the Magneto War. He attacked Storm in an attempt to play off her claustrophobia by encasing her in a hardened shell, but was defeated by Nightcrawler.

Barnacle was among the renegade Acolytes who were assisting the Carrion Cove rebellion against Magneto's rule of Genosha.

Barnacle died in the Genosha attack, and was later resurrected by the Transmode virus from Selene, along with some other Acolytes.[2]


Moisture Solidification: Barnacle is a mutant with the ability to initiate a chemical reaction that turns moisture into a solid shell, containing someone within a constrictive carapace with their own bodily fluids, providing himself with an indestructible armor, and spraying through the air a stream of hardened barnacle crust, most likely derived from the moisture in his own body.

Strength level

Normal Human

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