Barnacle was amongst the group of Acolytes that attacked the X-Men during the opening stages of the Magneto War. He attacked Storm in an attempt to play off her claustrophobia by encasing her in a hardened shell, but was defeated by Nightcrawler.

Barnacle was among the renegade Acolytes who were assisting the Carrion Cove rebellion against Magneto's rule of Genosha.[2]

Barnacle died in the attack on Genosha, and was later resurrected by the Transmode Virus from Selene, along with some other Acolytes.[3]

Powers and Abilities

Power Grid[4]
Energy Projection3
Fighting Skills2


Moisture Solidification: Barnacle is a mutant with the ability to initiate a chemical reaction that turns moisture into a solid shell, containing someone within a constrictive carapace with their own bodily fluids, providing himself with an indestructible armor, and spraying through the air a stream of hardened barnacle crust, most likely derived from the moisture in his own body.

Physical Strength

Normal Human

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