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Mort Norris was a thug for the Maggia. He was assigned to heist some special isotopes from a shipment truck. After killing the driver, Mort started to unload the isotopes. As he opened one box, to make sure it was the merchandise, he was exposed to radiation. Then he fell into the East River, and hours later came up mutated. It is then that he became Mr. Fish.

Later on, Mr. Fish had a plan to go against the Maggia, but first he needed to establish his own territory. To Mr. Fish's bad luck, Luke Cage was hired to guard a certain company's trucks, and during their confrontation, Mr. Fish fell off a building and plunged to his apparent doom.[1]


His brother, Bill, ended up with the same mutation and became his successor.[2]

All-New, All-Different Marvel

Mortimer was later revealed to be alive and warned Tombstone that Black Cat was gunning for his Harlem territory.[3]

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