Quote1 Might a gentleman offer you a hand there, son? Quote2
-- Toad

The Toad was one of the mutant members of Forge's Outcasts. The group traveled the wastes of America putting on plays and helping those who were terrorized by the forces of Apocalypse.

The Toad and his comrades worked to stop a train full of humans being sent off to the culling's. The battle was won thanks to their youngest member, the powerful telepath known as Nate Grey[1]. The group picked up a man calling himself Essex (secretly the geneticist Sinister who created Nate Grey). Toad and the others were convinced by Essex to investigate one of Apocalypse's factories which Nate destroyed[2].

The use of Nate's abilities drew the attention of minions of Apocalypse. During the assault, Toad slew the mutant tracker Caliban, however Toad was killed himself by Grizzly[3].


See Mortimer Toynbee (Earth-616)#Powers


An articulate Shakespearean actor and master swordsman

Strength level

Can lift 1 ton


None known

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