While hitchhiking, Howard the Duck is picked up by a trucker named Ceci Ryder. Making a bathroom break on the side of the road, Howard and Ceci realize that the entire area is full of fake trees and AstroTurf. Deciding to investigate further, the two fall into a hole in the ground and find a secret city. Being chased by the locals they hide out in the city hall building where they are exposed to a plot masterminded by Morton Erg to strip the planet of all its resources and just use artificial replacements.

When the try to stop Erg's plan, they soon realize their folly: That Erg has once been exposed to radiation and can mutate into a giant mutant gopher.Fleeing from the Gopher, Howard is inspired by Ceci recounting how her father used to drown gophers by flooding their dens back home. Howard then tricks the Gopher to dig his way into a nearby lake and is drowned by the inrushing water. Afterwards, Howard and Ceci turn over evidence about Erg and his group to the local Park Committee member, who unknown to them is also a member of Erg's group.[1]


After being exposed to nuclear energy, Erg could transform himself into a large gopher-like form. In this form he was superhumanly strong, and could tunnel through earth and rock using his claws.

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