Morton Marion Maximilian Muse's past is unknown. Developing a skill for hypnosis he saw that there was good money to be made by selling art. Presumably having no artistic ability of his own, he went to the Museum School where he used his hypnotic powers to hypnotize a young abstract artist named Danny and force him to create abstract art that Muse then used in art lectures and sold. In order to boost his own sales, Muse used his hypnotic abilities. By 1948 this became a lucrative racked, buy Danny was not always fully in Muse's thrall.

One day Danny managed to slip away and try to seek out help. He ended up at the office of private detective Mark Mason. Mason and his secretary Louise Grant could not make sense of Danny since Muse's hypnosis caused him to speak nothing but gibberish. Muse soon came to collect Danny and invited both Mason and Grant to come to one of his lectures. Not liking the look of Danny, Louise decided to investigate Muse in her alter ego the Blonde Phantom. Breaking into Muse's house she confronted him as Muse was forcing Danny to paint a new picture.

Muse help the heroine back at gun point then used his hypnotic powers to make her view the world as some large abstract painting. The Blonde Phantom then fled the mansion and was subsequently struck by a car, the accident putting her in the hospital for three days. Muse meanwhile continued his racket, eventually using his powers to coerce Mark Mason into buying a painting during one of his lectures. Having recovered, the Blonde Phantom once more broke into Muse's home and tried to free Danny, who had managed to snap out of Muse's hypnotic control. When Muse confronted them once more, the Blonde Phantom squirted paint in his eyes momentarily blinding Muse long enough for the Blonde Phantom to call the police.[1]

Muse was arrested for his crimes, his subsequent fate is unknown.

Powers and Abilities


Hypnosis: Muse has the power to hypnotize people into doing his bidding, prevent them to make coherent speech, or cause them to see the world as an abstract painting, an effect that is very disorientating for those who are exposed to it. Muse has to regularly reassert his hypnotic control as it eventually wears off. It is unspecified if this hypnotic ability is a learned skill or the work of magical or paranormal abilities.



Muse carries a pistol.


Muse refers to people around him as "mere mortals" suggesting that he may be more than human, or perhaps someone with a massive superiority complex. The latter seems more likely since his primary motivation was to obtain massive amounts of money.

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