Moru was captured in Yezud along with Welyn and Andamo, but they were eventually freed by Daedikaron, Tros, Ixastophanis and Shimata-Kawa.[1] After killing a horde of Demons sent by Tolometh, Moru received a vision to search for the amulet in Sabatea.[2] In Charnina, Moru took Lord Ludox's side when he was searching for the amulet shard[3]. When Conan was captured, he freed him, believing their destinies were entwined; he later retrieved the shard belonged to Zuchan of Khitai.[4] In the Desert of Yondo, he was attacked by a Sand Devil and then, with Conan and the other seekers, entered the Citadel of Sin.[5] Moru died dueling with Andamo, when the seekers entered the Patriarch's inner sanctum.[6]


Ebon dagger.

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