Morwen Powell was a member of the Captain Britain Corps from Earth-1282, a world where presumably Wales was the pre-eminent culture of Great Britain, rather than England.

Captain Cymru was first seen when the superhero team Excalibur were summoned to the Omniversal Hub by Saturnyne to be brought to account for the disruption they had caused to the space-time continuum with their Cross-Time Caper, and to turn over their member Rachel Summers, otherwise known as Phoenix.

When Excalibur tried to gain access to Saturnyne herself, Captain Cymru was one of the Captain Britain Corps members sent to prevent them doing so. She confronted Excalibur's friend Alistaire Stuart and what she thought was Katherine Pryde, and shot the girl with a Plastrix gun, designed to entrap her and block her phasing power. However, 'Shadowcat' was actually Rachel Summers in disguise, who shattered the Plastrix casing with her telekinetic powers, and knocked out Captain Cymru with the resulting debris.[2]


Presumably those of Brian Braddock of Earth-616, as a fellow Captain Britain Corps member.


Captain Cymru carried a Plastrix gun, which fired a plastic-like substance that created a tough shell around its target. It could supposedly block the phasing power of Shadowcat.

'Cymru' is the Welsh name for Wales.

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