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Modern Age[]

In a private lab just outside Moscow, Nikita Khrushchev challenged the Red Dynamo to go to America to destroy Iron Man and sabotage Stark Industries' defense efforts.[1]

A lethal, atomic warhead launched by the Leader to start World War III was intercepted by a countermeasure built and launched by Dr. Bruce Banner and ultimately destroyed. The Hulk then caught up a second missile and, when it was just above the city, he redirected it to space, where it exploded harmlessly.[2]

Scientist and master technician Ivan Petrovich used to live in Moscow with his family, until his wife was killed and his son Yuri was abducted by government agents, and he was forced to leave Russia. After spending some time of brainwashed training in West Berlin, Yuri was then returned across the Wall by Medvedev and Boris to Alexi Bruskin.[3]

Years later, Iron Man traveled to Moscow to find an alleged bomb, placed by Jason Beere, and was confronted by the Russians, previously alerted by the Eternity Man. Once the golden avenger informed the Soviet officials of the imminent danger, they were more than willing to let him remove it from their country.[4]

Like most other major population centers, Moscow was attacked by the monsters teleported here by the Skrulls from Monster Isle.[5]

Magneto traveled to Moscow and other capital cities to warn the leaders not to threaten Mutants and to disarm their nuclear weapons as they were a threat to his kind.[6]

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