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Not much is known about the Mosquito Men, a race unique to Earth-5391 a universe where space travel and technology boomed in the late 20th century. By the year 2075 the Mosquito Men were one of the deadliest alien races in the known universe, prompting the Space Sentinel peacekeeping force to come up with a means of subduing them. When their leader Mosk learned that Dr. Frontier was developing a weapon to stop them, they attacked just as Frontier was showing a weapon to the Space Sentinels' leader Speed Carter and his sidekick Johnny Day. Thinking that it was the DDT Gun that Frontier was developing to destroy them, the Mosquito Men attacked, fatally wounding Frontier and stealing the weapon.

Dying, Frontier told Speed that the Mosquito Men stole an even more dangerous weapon instead, but died before he could warn Speed and Johnny what the weapon does. With the DDT Gun the pair tracked down the Mosquito Men and used the gas on them, which effectively started killing them off. Seeking a way to stop Carter, Mosk used the weapon he stole from Frontier and was shocked to discover it was a duplication ray, having unwittingly made duplicates of Speed Carter each armed with a DDT Gun. The original Speed Carter then killed Mosk and recovered the duplicator and then forced the rest of the Mosquito Men to surrender. The Mosquito Men complied and were imprisoned on an asteroid that was included the army of Speed Carter duplicates to act as guards[1].

Powers and Abilities


The Mosquito Men could fly thanks to the wings that sprouted on their back. They were highly invulnerable able to withstand blasts from the Space Squadron's hydro-guns. They could also apparently live in the vacuum of space without any apparent assistance.


The Mosquito Men only had one apparent weakness, a powerful form of dichlorodiphenyltrichloroethane (DDT) a chemical insecticide that killed them on contact.


Type of Government

Army led by a single leader.

Level of Technology

The Mosquito Men did not show any signs of technological advancement.



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