During the Cold War, the British division of the Weapon Plus Program began a project to replicate and weaponise the original Human Torch, codenamed "Descendant". The three scientists on the project were known to each other only by codenames: Father, Mother, and Brother.

When they had a batch of successes, there was some debate as to what should happen next. Mother's solution, which she implemented without talking to the other two, was to release them into the general human population and give them the chance to survive.

Her activities subsequent to this are unknown, as is her relationship with the Weapon Plus Program. However, she was living with Fantomex in the French Alps just before her house was invaded by the Deathlok Nation, led by a future version of her old colleague Father, killed her in the course of their mission.[1]

Somehow, she returns as the same time as Fantomex, having no trouble to deal with both Jean-Philipe and Cluster and welcoming Psylocke as his son's "girlfriend". It is unknown if she really returns, or if it is just an illusion generated by one of the Fantomexes, Psylocke or E.V.A..[2]

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