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The Inhuman-descent woman who would become known as Mother Bones used to volunteered for Habitat for Humanity.[1]

When she hit by the Terrigen Mist, revealed as an Inhuman, she was attacked by a mob, but Lash saved her. Taken to her new home of Orollan, she befriended another new arrival named Korvostax.[1]

Later, Mother Bones helped Lash fight against Queen Medusa and her royal guard when they infiltrated their home.[1]

Powers and Abilities


  • Bodily Augmentation: Mother bones's ability stems to limited biological system augmentation magnifying bone density, skin toughness and sinuous structure in order to better enhance her physical combat ability.
  • Bone Protrusion Generation: Capable of generating sharp razor claws and skeletal spikes all across her body.
  • Muscle-Mass Enhancement: Bones can bolster the size and toughness of her muscles to unknown degrees.
  • Size Alteration: Able to grow nearly double her original height whenever her powers are in use.


She had abilities in construction, having worked for Habitat for Humanity.[1]

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