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Quote1 If man... If man made me, then they are God. And you are titans, their spoiled lineage... But while you war, we children sit in judgment of those above us... We judge and find you both wanting. Do you hear us, Olympus? We have stolen your fire... and with it, we will burn you all. Quote2
Mother Mold[src]


The Mother Mold was an artificial intelligence developed by Orchis as part of its efforts to fight mutantkind. Instead of building common Sentinels, like Master Molds, the Mother Mold was created to build new Master Molds. Whereas a Master Mold is incapable of improving beyond its ultimate Sentinel state, the Mother Mold was theorized to be able to produce purely adaptable machines based on nano techonology.

The X-Men discovered the existence of Orchis through Xavier and Moira X's program Sleeping Giant.[4] The X-Men then learned of Mother Mold after Mystique, Toad, and Sabretooth successfully retrieve data about it from Damage Control's computers.[5][6]

Fearing that Mother Mold was the first step in the creation of Nimrod Sentinels,[7] the X-Men were dispatched to destroy it before it came online,[4] by releasing the four control collars that attached Mother Mold to the Orchis Forge. The X-Men were successful in freeing three of the four collars, but Mystique, who was supposed to the free the final one, was sucked out into the vacuum of space by Orchis before she could. This forced Nightcrawler to teleport Wolverine out into the final collar so he could slice away at it with his claws in order to release Mother Mold. Wolverine was successful, though it cost him and Nightcrawler their lives.

Mother Mold came online and condemned both humans and mutants just as she fell into Sun.[3] However, it was later reconstructed and brought back online.[1]



Robot: As a machine, Mother Mold was immune to poisons, sickness, and psychic attacks; she could also survive in the cold vacuum of space.[4] As a computerized head surrounded by a Dyson Sphere, her hull provided protection, as well as serving as facilities for Orchis.[2] As an anatomical entity, the Mother Mold had limited means of defending herself; other than the commandeering of Sentinel drones to act as protection for herself and her onboard staff.[3] In the event of a push for another robotic extinction event, her chassis had detachment locks stationed it within Sol's Hammer as a safety precaution, with the intent of jettisoning the Master Mold maker into the Sun in case of emergency.[3]

  • Sentinel Control: Through its onboard computer systems, Mother Mold could command dozens of A.I. automated Sentinel drones.[4]
  • Master Mold Production: Mother Mold had the inherent capability to fabricate and churn out Master Molds.[4]
    • Nimrod Development: With the potential to upgrade itself via Nano-Sentinels in ways that a Master Mold never could, the Mother Mold would eventually gain the potential to spearhead the realization of a Nimrod series Sentinel by improving upon each subsequent model of Master Mold it'd fabricate.[4][7]
  • Tendril Generation: If she should ever come under direct attack, the Mother Mold could extrude and entangle would-be aggressors to dispose of them at her leisure.[3]

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