Mother Ting was a member of a Chinese resistance movement during World War II. By 1945 she and her band lived in the Okaie Industrial District of Tokyo Japan, posing as Japanese citizens. When the Destroyer come to Japan to focus on the war effort there, he was constantly pursued by Imperial Japanese forces. Chased into the Okaie Industrial District, the Destroyer was offered refuge by Mother Ting who kept him hidden while the Japanese soldiers searched her home.

She then recruited the Destroyer in assisting to destroy a fleet of Japanese battleships and subs that were being prepared to go out into the Pacific to fight Allied Forces. To this end, Ting and her followers disguised themselves as Japanese soldiers to infiltrate the Yuanie Arsenal pretending to have the Destroyer as their prisoner. Fighting off General Kole and his men, Mother Ting and her people loaded up a boat with explosives from the arsenal while the Destroyer kept Kole and his soldiers busy. Ting and her followers then sent the ship out to the Japanese naval fleet which were destroyed in the resulting explosion.[1]

Mother Ting's subsequent activities are unknown.



Mother Ting should not be confused with Mother Wong who pretended to betray her country to the Japanese in order to learn military secrets for the Allied Forces.

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