Mother Wong a Chinese citizen who was believed to be incredibly old; by 1943, she was thought to be 120 years of age. She was best known as a ruthless Chinese defector who joined the Imperial Japanese Army during World War II. However, in reality, she was a really a spy for the Chinese government who provided enemy secrets to assist in thwarting the Japanese invasion of China.

In December of 1943, the group of Japanese soldiers she commanded attacked an American convoy which included Private Steve Rogers and James Barnes. The two went hunting for Mother Wong as Captain America and Bucky. Learning that the two heroes were after her, Mother Wong attempted to thwart their passage, but when they made it to their hidden camp in the jungles of Burma, she had them captured.

When bringing the two heroes down to a secret chamber to "execute" them, she revealed her true allegiance. However, one of her subordinates overheard this and sent Japanese forces to slaughter them all. Captain America and Bucky helped Mother Wong escape the base, which she and her aids had rigged with mines that went off killing all the Japanese within. With her cover maintained, Mother Wong bid Cap and Bucky farewell and returned to her spying operations.[1]

Her subsequent fate is unknown, although she has likely died of old age.



Mother Wong should not be confused with Mother Ting who posed as a Japanese citizen in Tokyo and led a underground Chinese resistance movement.

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