Motherboard 49.7 was a conceptual process unit. It was crystalline world with its own fleet of unmanned warships, both saucers and winged type starships. Vessels which were armed with laser cannons, and if damaged they detonated like a bomb, releasing a packet of guided propelled bombs. The ships and bombs were controlled by the computer world, therefore not only were they precise in their movements and targeting, but it did not result in any "friendly fire" incidents. Which the Silver Surfer encountered as he was passing through and was attacked by two armadas deployed by the crystalline world, forcing him to head toward the planet to confront the ships' controller.

The surface of the world consisted of nothing but endless glassy plains. It had a maze-like interior of brilliantly lurid tunnels. Which were constructed using mechanistic specifications that used the crystalline structure where possible, but cut through where needed. The electricity itself was not continuous but pulsed in regular rhythms. It had internal defenses including a ball-like head with a huge mouth that pursued invaders like the the video game Pac-man, and energy blasts which could be fired from any location within the tunnels. Motherboard 49.7's avatar was that of a humanoid female.

The Pac-man like defender went inert in darkness as it was reliant on external energy sources, and the energy bolts were powerful enough to cut through the Silver Surfer (cutting his body in half). The Silver Surfer was repeatedly hit by the energy bolts and wounded him gravely. He reached the central storage area in time, and reprogrammed the computer before he was destroyed. After which he was able to regenerate with the power cosmic and the reprogrammed computer let him leave the world, though it immediately began to make to repairs to itself and undo the changes the Silver Surfer made.[1]

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